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Wind shear

Wind shear (WS), a sudden change in the wind's direction and speed, a relatively short distance. It can occur both horizontally and vertically. [1]
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English shear word, means that an object suffers structural damage due to the pressure difference in opposite directions that will be created in two different parts. [2] This situation can be compared to the fact that the scissors pushes one side of the fabric down and the other side up while cutting the fabric. Wind shear similarly abruptly terminates the continuity effect of the wind field at any point in the atmosphere and transitions to another wind field. This transition is called a shearing effect. [1]
The formation of the wind shear is generally related to the thermal balance in the atmosphere. For example, it can be seen strongly in the inversion layer where the temperature increases with height. In addition, wind shear can occur in frontal systems, which are an infinite zone of indecision, in areas of indecision and narrowness in narrow space. [1]
Effect on aviation
Wind shear, especially at a low level (for example in the last approach), It is very dangerous for aviation as it can cause the altitude or side wind component to change suddenly. [1]
Low level wind shear occurs especially at night and early morning. This is because the air layers are less mixed with each other compared to the daytime. [3]
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General Directorate of Meteorology
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Wind shear

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