U-49 1939

April 15, 1940, near Narvik - Key features
Displacement: 753 tonnes full - 857 tonnes

66.6 m

6,2 m
Draft: 4,74 m
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2 forced, 6-cylinder, 4 -stroke diesel MAN M6V 40/46 with a total power of 2 800 - 3 200 l with at 470-490 rpm
2 AEG GU 460 / 8-276 electric motors with a total capacity of 750 l with at 295 rpm
2 rowing shafts
surface - 17,9 knots
underwater - 8 knots
16 095 km
175 km underwater
Maximum depth:
working - 220 m
maximum - 250 m Crew: 44-48 people
Artillery - C35 88 mm / L45 with 220 rounds - Torpedoes - 4 bow and one stern TA caliber 533 mm, 14 torpedoes or 26 min TMA; Aircraft - 2cm Flak 30 - Boat history - Port of registry - Kiel, Wilhelmshaven - Key features
Ship type in average HPL
Designation for VIIBru
Weaponry - Wikipedia has articles on the other meanings of the term More info - page U-49
U-49 - The Middle German Submarine Type VIIBru from World War II
1 History
2 Fleets - 3 History of Service - 4 Attacks on a Boat
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The order for the construction of a submarine was given on November 21, 1936 by Boat 15 faith was laid In 1938, at the shipyard Germaniverft in Kiel under construction number 584, launched on June 24, 1939, the boat went into service on August 12, 1939, under the command of Lieutenant-General Kurt von Gossler at the Fleet
August 12, 1939 - April 15, 1940 - 7th Fleet
History of ServiceOn October 31, 1939 a boat went into service warships. During the war, the U-49 made 4 battles Sank one ship - British transport Pensilva displacement 4 258 bp
Drowned on April 15, 1940 near Narvik, Norway, in the 68 ° 53 ′ Mon W 16 ° 59 ′ W / 68883 ° Mon W 16983 ° W / 68883; 16983, deep-sea bombs from British destroyers HMS Fearlessen and HMS Brazenen Out of 42 crew members, one was killed, the rest were rescued. br> On November 13, 1939, a boat was attacked by a British aircraft, avoided diving by diving at a depth of 160 meters, sustained some damage. br> See also row
Underwater Cho List bers of the Third Reich
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U-49 (1939)

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