Pinus quadrifolia

Pinus quadrifolia (Four-leafed pine) - a species of pine family.
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lat. quattuor - "four", lat. folium - "leaf".
Distribution: Mexico (Baja California); USA (California). Altitude range from 900 to 2,400 (-2700) m above sea level. It often grows in cracks among boulders. Rainfall from 300 to 500 mm, but it is very variable; most of them come during winter cyclone storms and have a long dry season from spring to summer.

Branch with seed cone
Trees 5-9 (-15) m high and up to 50 cm in diameter. The trunk is round, straight enough. The bark is first light gray and smooth, with age it turns reddish-brown, scaly. Needles are collected in bundles of 4-5 and, as a rule, from 2 to 4 cm in length. Pollen cones ovate, approx. 10 mm, yellowish. Mature secondary cones almost spherical, symmetrical; 4-10 cm long, pale yellow-brown. Brown seeds, ovate or elliptical, 12-18 mm long and 8-12 mm wide.
The largest tree is 70 cm in diameter, 16 m high, 13 m in diameter. and rodents.
Threats and protection - There are no significant threats. This species is found in several protected areas in its range of distribution.
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Pinus quadrifolia

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