Pinus elliottii

Pinus elliottii (Elliott Pine) - a species of pine family of the pine family.
This species, named after the Stephen Elliott botanist (1771-1830). 2 Description
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Distribution, Ecology
Countries: United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina) ). This subtropical pine grows in warm and humid climates at low altitudes. The highest rainfall in summer, precipitation is 1270 mm per year; winter is mild, warm and dry. Although frosts occur, especially on clear nights. The species thrives especially in wetlands.

Wood density: 0.54 gr / cm3. It grows as an evergreen tree up to 30 m tall. The trunk is straight or twisted to 0.8 m in diameter. The branches are arranged horizontally, forming a wide, domed, open crown. The bark is orange-purple-brown in large irregular, rectangular with thin scales of plates. Branches are orange-brown, dark brown in the old age, coarse-scaly. Needles 2 or 3 in bundle, stored for 2 years, size 15-20 (23) cm x 1.2-1.5 mm, straight, slightly deformed, flexible from yellow to blue-green. Pollen cones cylindrical, 30-40 mm long, purple. Seed cones symmetrical, spear-ovate to open, ovate or ovate-cylindrical when open, (7 -) 9-18 (-20) cm long, light chocolate-brown, on stems up to 3 cm. brown 6-7 mm body; wing up to 20 mm. 2n = 24.
Kind is the main supplier of pitches used to make boats waterproof. This species is more often planted on plantations and is a major supplier of wood and pulp. Cultivated out of the natural habitat in the United States and in subtropical and moderately warm areas of other countries. Threats and protection
The species is present in several protected areas. br> Tree
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Pinus elliottii

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