Pinus devoniana

Pinus devoniana (Michoacan Pine) - a species of pine family.
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Distribution, Ecology
Distribution Countries: Guatemala; Mexico. Its altitude range is (700 -) 900-2500 (-3000) m above sea level. Pinus devoniana grows on a variety of soils, often of volcanic origin. Climate from moderately warm to subtropical with annual rainfall of 1000-1500 mm; dry season from November to May.
Trees up to 20-30 m high and 80-100 cm in diameter. An open, wide pyramidal or domed crown formed by long, scattered or ascending branches. The bark is reddish-brown to dark brown, coarse, with age forming elongated plates, separated by deep longitudinal black cracks. Needles are collected in bundles of 5, stored for 2-3 years, (17 -) 25-40 (-45) cm long, sharp, bright, brilliant (dark) green. Pollen cones cylindrical, 20-40 mm long, pink-purple, becoming light brown after maturation. Seed cones are usually oval-oblong, brown, measuring 15-35 × 8-15 cm in open state. Seeds ovate, flat, 8-10 × 5-7 mm in size, light brown, often with dark spots. Seed wings obliquely-oblong-oval, 25-35 × 10-15 mm in size, light brown with darker stripes.

Wood is often used locally as firewood. These trees are not very tall, straight trunks and often have small lowland branches. Therefore, it is rarely used as a source of wood. However, the wood is used to produce fences, boxes, furniture.
Threats and security
No specific threats have been identified for this species. The species has been recorded in several protected areas.
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Pinus devoniana

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