Pinus culminicola

Pinus culminicola (Pine tree trout) - a species of pine family of pine trees.
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Distribution , ecology
Countries: Mexico (Coahuila, Nuevo Leon). Altitude range: 3000-3700 m above sea level. The soils are mostly rocky and calcareous. In open areas where the species is most prevalent, it primarily grows in the shape of a curvaceous tree, than this pine is very similar to other mountain dwarf pines: Pinus mugo in Europe and Pinus pumila in Northeast Asia. Lives in cool, humid subalpine climates. It is abundant only on Mount Serro Potosi (3713 m).
Branch with needles and buds
Shrub 1-5 m in height and up to 15-25 cm in diameter, multi-stemmed or very low branches, with a low, thick, rounded crown. It often forms large mats up to several meters thick and tens of meters long. The bark on the young stems is smooth and gray. The branches are short, thick, rigid, usually confused with adjacent trees. Needles usually grow to five, very rarely four or six. They are curved, rigid, 3 to 5 cm in length and 0.9 to 1.3 millimeters in width and dark green of blue-green. The needles remain for two to three years on the tree. Vegetative buds are widely ovoid, 6-10 mm long, smaller on the lateral branches, slightly gummy, light brown. Pollen cones ovate-oblong, when mature 5-8 mm long, yellowish, turning to yellowish-brown. Seed cones single or paired, sitting or on thick, short legs. Unripe cones are almost spherical, resinous, purple-brown. Mature cones almost spherical when closed, 3-4 cm long. Open cones up to 4-6 cm in diameter. Seeds are dark orange-brown 5-7 × 4-5 mm in size, with rudimentary 0.5-1 mm wings.
The tallest tree is 5 m tall, located at 3400-3450 m on the Cerro Potos; plants near shorter, mostly 1-1.5 m tall.
This species is not commercially used, although it can be used locally for firewood. Threats & Protection
Fires are a major threat. This species is vulnerable to fire during prolonged dry periods. This species has a very narrow ecological niche and can be vulnerable to the potential effects of climate change. The species is present in several protected areas.
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Pinus culminicola

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