September 27th

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September 26th-September 27th-September 28th - September 27th - 270th day of the year (271st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. The end of the year is 95 days.

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Holidays and memorial days
UN: World Tourism Day
Belgium: Day of the Unity of the French-speaking Community
Ukraine, Russia: The Day of the Mechanical Engineer
Orthodox Church: The Feast of Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord
Orthodox: John
Catholic: Adolf, Amadeus, Eleazar, Guy, Mirabella, Urban, Vincent
1781 - in the composition of Russia formed Kiev, Chernihiv, Novgorod-Siversky to us

1802 - By the decree of Emperor Alexander I, Kiev became an ancient capital to enjoy the Magdeburg Law, which gave the city a number of privileges: self-government, own court, the right of land ownership and liberation from most of the duties.
1821 - proclaimed the independence of Mexico
1825 - England started the first railway journey. The train carries 450 passengers at a speed of 24 km / h
1885 - the Southern Russian Institute of Technology was opened in Kharkiv - the first higher education institution in Ukraine and Russia - 1893 - in the city of Jersey began publishing the first Ukrainian print agency - the newspaper Svoboda "
1895 - Swedish chemist, engineer and businessman Alfred Nobel signed a will according to which his legacy should form the basis of the fund to pay annual prizes to the people who made the greatest contribution to the development of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and the general world (Nobel

1912 - In Kiev, an open stadium "Sport field" for 3 thousand people
1917 - Lenin wrote a letter "Bolsheviks should take power"
1920 - Simon Petliura signed the order of the main command of the troops of the UNR on the organization of the uprising In 1920 - Nestor Makhno concluded an alliance with the Red Army
1920 - Frunze Mikhail Vasilyevich issued an order to defend Donbass from Wrangel
1937 - in the town of Albion (New York) opened the first school for the study of Santa Clausus
1939 - The Germans captured Warsaw
1940 - The trilateral pact between Nimes is concluded Chchina, Italy and Japan
1941 - In the occupied city of Kiev, an order was issued by the German commandant for all Jews to appear at the assembly station in the Babyn Yar district "for evacuation"
1941 - Syria proclaimed an independent state
1942 - Japan confirmed, which does not intend to fight against the USSR
1946 - The Central Committee of the KP (b) U criticized the Ukrainian satirical magazine "Pepper"
1961 - Sierra Leone became a member state of the United Nations in 1977 - the first nuclear power plant Ukraine - Chernobyl nuclear power plant
1990 - USSR entered Interpol
1993 - Tyliavskyi Literary and Memorial Museum of Ulas Samchuk on the base of the Tlyavsky NEC
1998 - This Man Is My Truth album Tell Me Yours Manic Street Preachers led the charts and became the first release of musicians who conquered the UK charts in 1998 - founded Google
1998 - The Socialists winning the elections in Germany led by Gerhard Schroeder
2001 - The Norwegian government established the mathematical research award - the Abel Prize
2002 - Madonna is named "the most prominent woman in the history of music," according to the results. poll of the VH1 music channel viewers in 2002 - Eastern Timorese became a member of the United Nations
2003 - Ukraine restricted import of Russian matches
See also Category: Born September 27th, 1271 - Vaclav II, King of Poland in 1389 - Cosimo-Medici, Florentine banker and state Actor
1533 - Stephan Batory, King of Poland
1601 - Louis XIII (King of France)
1657 - Sofia Alekseevna, Russian princess, sister of Peter I.
1658 - Irvin Welsh, Scottish writer and playwright.
1696 - Alphonse Maria de Liguroi, Catholic bishop, spiritual writer, theologian and founder of the religious order of the Redemptorists.
18 03 - Prosper Merimee, French writer
1824 - Benjamin Apptup Gould, American astronomer
1862 - Bota Luis, first prime minister of the South African Union
1863 - Alexander Ziloti, outstanding Russian pianist and conductor
1871 - Grade Deleda, Italian writer, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1885 - Mikhail Yukhim Spiridonovich, Ukrainian artist, poet and art critic.
1895 - Volodymyr Kobilyansky, Ukrainian poet, translator
1896 - Doroshkevich Alexander Kostyantynovich, Ukrainian letters turoznavets and literary critic, teacher
1923 - Vasily Borovoy, Ukrainian poet
1924 - Vladimir Bortko senior Russian director Ukrainian origin (d. 1983)
1924 - Polek Volodymyr Teodorovich, Ukrainian bibliographer, educator, literary critic, local historian
1932 - Niznansky Friedrich Evseevich, Russian writer and writer
1937 - Vasyl Durdinets, Ukrainian politician, former Minister of Emergencies
1938 - Arsenich Dmitry Nikolaevich, Ukrainian poet, fighter against the communist system in the Soviet era
1947 - Dick Advocaat, Dutch footballer and football coach
1953 - Riabchuk Nikolai Yuriyovych, Ukrainian journalist, publicist, poet, prose writer, translator, columnist
1962 - Coll Shevchenko Nila Viktorovna, Ukrainian literary critic, writer and psychoanalyst
1962 - Tatarenko Alla Leonidovna, Ukrainian Slavic, translator, historian of literature, literary critic
1976 - Francesco Totti, Italian footballer, vice champion of Europe 1978 - Ani Lorak, Ukrainian singer
1979 - Radushinskaya Oksana Petrovna, Ukrainian journalist, poet, television and radio journalist
1983 - Lidiya Demidyuk, Ukrainian writer and literary critic
1983 - Olena Yurkovska, five-time Paralympic champion, Hero of Ukraine
1984 - Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer
1978 - Vitaly Daraseilia-m., Georgian football player, son of footballer Vitaliy Daraeselia
See also Category: Died on September 27, 1557 - Go -Nara, 105th Emperor of Japan
1612 - Peter Scarga, a Polish Jesuit preacher of the 16th and 17th centuries, a famous polemicist with the Protestants and the Orthodox, the forerunner and figure of the Brest Union in 1596.
1700 - Innocent XII, 242 Pope of Rome
1833 - Ram Mohan Rai, an Indian social and religious reformer, founder of the Bengal Enlightenment, writer, per Cleric.
1891 - Ivan Ivanovich Goncharov, Russian writer
1915 - Remy de Gurmon, French writer
1917 - Edgar Dega, French Impressionist artist
1946 - Yuri Horlis-Gorsky, Ukrainian military and public Actor, writer, senior officer of the Army of the UNR
1965 - Bow Clara, American actress
1972 - Stepan Ryndyk, Ukrainian writer, mechanical engineer
1972 - Siali Ramamrita Ranganathan, Indian librarian and mathematician, information and book science
1983 - Mikhail Stelmakh, Ukrainian Soviet s Born in 1986. - Cliff Burton, bass guitarist of metal-metal band Metallica
1987 - Shapurma Anton Antonov, Romanian poet and translator, member of the Union of Writers of Ukraine 1993 - Volodymyr Poznyak, Ukrainian historian
2003 - Bali Petr Nestorovich, Ukrainian writer, translator, journalist
2009 - Donald Fischer, American entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of Gap's global clothing stores network

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