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1.1 In Ukraine
1.2 Accidents and Catastrophes
1.3 Earth Population
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3 Died
4 Nobel Prize
5 Shevchenko Prize
6 See. Also on March 20, a wave of insubordination rallies in the Kyrgyz city of Jalal-Abad. On March 23, at 7:55 the Ukrainian border crossed the large Russian landing ship, Nikolai Filchenkov, with 142 paratroopers and 28 pieces of equipment . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a note of protest demanding clarification on the incident. Russians explain incident of "technical failure". March 24 - demonstrators seize national television in Bishkek, government house
March 24 - Kyrgyzstan's head Askar Akayev with his family and immediate entourage fly off at presidential helicopter 8 on border with Kazakhstan.
March 25 - Opposition President of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev arrives in Russia. May 13 - Uzbek troops shoot a peaceful protest in the Andijan city of Uzbekistan, kill more than 1,000 civilians. in Jur Mali (Latvia) at the New Wave 2005 Music Contest, Ukrainian representative Tina Karol took second place and received a prize from A. Pugachova 50000 USD.
August 3 - A military coup took place in Mauritania as a result of which Mauritanian military forces seized power and set up a military council to put an end to President Mowey Ould Tai's totalitarian rule and rule the country on August 29 - Katrina storm hit the southeastern US coast. October 8 - earthquake struck in Kashmir 6 Richter Score.
October 17 - A powerful earthquake struck in western Turkey. The epicenter of underground shocks, whose strength, according to preliminary data, reached 5.7 points on the Richter scale, fell on the Aegean shelf, near the city of Izmir.
Oct. 28 - Riots began in the northwestern suburbs of Paris until November 4 spread to 20 suburbs. Police say about 400 cars, several office buildings and stores burned in seven days of riots

November 6th - Azerbaijan parliamentary elections take place

November 18 - US Senate repeals Jackson-Weinick foreign trade amendment for Ukraine.
November 22 - Angela Merkel Becomes German Chancellor
December - Gas Dispute Between Russia and Ukraine - December 21 - Russia Suspends Broadcasts of German Wave and BBC Radio on Its Territory

23 December - State Duma of Russia idtrymala law on nonprofit organizations that make stringent conditions of their registration and will allow the state to monitor their activities.
release by 16th edition of the American textbook of internal medicine Basics of Internal Medicine, ed. T. Garrison: Post-election elections in Iraq
In Ukraine, January 20 - Supreme Court of Ukraine rejects complaint of Presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych in the absence of evidence
January 23 - President-elect of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko took oath. March 4 - Yury Kravchenko found dead
September 22 - Yuriy Yekhanurov elected Prime Minister of Ukraine
October 24 - Kryvorizhstal sold at a privatization contest

November 3 - Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksandr Medvedko elected

November 18 - Shevchenkivsky District Court Ista Kyiv abolished presidential decree on Piskun dismissal from his post as Attorney General.
conflict between Tymoshenko and Poroshenko.
Accidents and disasters
December 6 - plane "C-130 Hercules» fell on a house in Tehran. All 94 passengers and crew were killed. The death toll in the home reached 34 people. Dozens of people injured
Earth Population
Earth Population
Asia - 3,917,508,000
Latin America
North America
Oceania - 32,998,000
See. also Category: Born 2005 - Died
See. Also Category: Died 2005 - March 4 - Yuriy Kravchenko, Former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - April 2 - Ivan-Paul II, 264th Pope, 1st in history Pope-Slavic on June 16— Korogodsky Roman Myronovich, Ukrainian Film Critic, Sixty-two on August 7 - Mikhail Evdokimov, Russian actor and humorist, governor of the Altai Territory of Russia.
December 9 - Robert Shekley - American Fiction Writer
Nobel Prize in Physics : Roy Glauber and John Hall (USA) - creators of precision lasers; Theodore Hensch (Germany)
Chemistry: Yves Chauvin (France, Petroleum Institute), Richard Schrock (USA, MIT), Robert Grubs (USA, University of California) - For Inventing Metathesis
Medicine and Physiology: Barry Marshall and Robin Warren (Australia) - for the discovery of "the effects of Helicobacter pylori on gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers"
Economics: Robert Aumann (Israel), Thomas Schelling (USA) - for contributing to understanding phenomena and Conflict through Analysis of Game Theory
Literature: Harold Pinter (Ve ikobritannia)
Nobel Peace Prize: The Shevchenko Prize
Aliyev Aider Enverovich, Nagiev Ibraim-Gey Sadikovich, Nagieva Zarema Sadikovna, Yakubov Fevza Yakubovich, Abdulaev Aziz Refatovich (sculptor, chief architect, architect, chief architect, architect author of the design of the complex) - for the sculptural complex "Renaissance" in Simferopol.
Vorobyov Mykola Panasovich, writer - for a book of poetry "Servant of the peony". cantata "Ukraine. The Way of the Cross, oratorios "I go. I call. I Call… ”and“ Akathist to the Blessed Virgin ”.
Kotsyubynska Mykhailyna Khomivna, literary critic - for the book“ My Horizons ”in 2 volumes.
Crimean Sergey Borisovich, cultural scientist - for the books“ Philosophy as the Way of Humanity and Hope »And« Inquiries of Philosophical Meanings ».
Laniuk Yuriy Yevgenovich, composer - for the musical works« Palimpsesty »and« Music from the Book of Stylish Spaces and Elegy for the Bird of Radiance ».
Matios Maria Vasylivna, writer - for the novel« Sweet Daria ».
Nikita Vladimir Vasilyevich, artist - for a series of works« Native land ».
Slaboshpitsky Mykhailo Fedotovych, writer - for the biography of the poet from hell. also 2005 in cinema
2005 in music
2005 in video games
2005 in literature
2005 in the moon
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