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Ronald Reagan's End of Presidency in the USA.

March 26 - The first free elections of people's deputies of the USSR that began in the Soviet Union took place in the Soviet Union. Real changes in the political system of the country
April 10 - In Tbilisi, Soviet troops used force against peaceful protesters who demanded the independence of Georgia. 20 people were killed.
July - the beginning of massive miners' strikes in the USSR, which captured Donbass, Kuzbas, Karaganda and others.

The National Movement of Ukraine was founded on September 9th - The Law "On Language in Ukrainian SSR. "

November 9 - Disassembly of the Berlin Wall began November 17
The beginning of student demonstrations and the Velvet Revolution itself in Czechoslovakia.
The emergence of the notion of outsourcing when Eastman Kodak company hired outsiders to acquire, launch and support their information processing systems .
4 June - there was a railway accident near Ufa - the largest in the USSR. During the passage of two passenger trains there was an explosion of fuel and air mixture, which was formed as a result of the accident on the pipeline, passing 900 meters. Killed 575 people (according to other data - 645), more than 600 were wounded [1].
Born: See also: Category: Born 1989
March 10 - Victoria Motrichko, Ukrainian shashikist, world champion.
April 10 - Gailly Joel Osment, American actor.
May 4 - Todosan Yuri Ivanovich, Ukrainian insurer.
August 8 - Stepanenko Taras Nikolayevich, Ukrainian footballer, midfielder.
September 18 - Filipchuk Mikhail, Russian film actor.
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March 18 - Sir Harold Jeffreys, English geophysicist, mete An orrologist, astronomer, mathematician and statistician.
June 30 - Rostislav Plyatt, Soviet actor of the theater and cinema, People's Artist of the USSR.
October 6 - Korczak Jaromir, Czech geographer, demographer and statistician (* 1895). December 7 - Vadim Spiridonov, Soviet Actor of Cinema, Director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
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State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR in the field of science and technology
Viktor V. Brycin
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