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4 Nobel Prize
5 State Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian SSR
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January 8 - The Manifesto of the Hacker is written.
January 21 - A hug took place.
February 17 - Single European Act signed in Luxembourg (came into force on July 1) 1987).
June 29 - Argentina won in the final of the FIFA World Cup in Germany.
June 30 - Established diplomatic relations between the USSR and Vanuatu.
Milosevic heads the Communist Party of Serbia & gt; [1].
The catastrophe
January 28 - the American space shuttle Challenger exploded immediately after the launch, all seven astronauts were killed.
April 26 - Chornobyl catastrophe.
August 31 - at midnight in Tsemskaya Bay near Novorossiysk after the collision with the cargo ship "Peter Vasiev" sank the largest Soviet tourist liner Admiral Nakhimov at that time. Of the 1234 passengers and crew members, 423 people died.
See also Category: Born 1986 - January 24 - Tkachenko Dmitry Y., Ukrainian lawyer.
May 16 - Megan Fox, American actress, model.
August 8 - Bondarenko Katerina Volodymyrivna, Ukrainian tennis player, Honored Master of Sports.
December 31 - Petrenko Vitaliy Olegovych, Ukrainian Lawyer, Honored.
See also Category: Deaths 1986
January 12 - Ludwig Birman, German Astronomer
28 February - Ulof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister.
May 9 - Tenzing Norge, a Sherpa climber who, along with a New Zealand climber Edmund Hillary, was the first ever ever to win Everest in the 1953 British expedition under the leadership of John Hunt.
June 13 - Benny Goodman, American jazzman, clarinettist, nicknamed "Swing King"
May 2 - Valery Polioi, Ukrainian composer.
June 14 - Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine writer.
August 20 - Shestopal Matvey Mikhailovich, Ukrainian journalist, journalist, scholar, Ph.D. uk, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 1955-1957. Repressed in the USSR on charges of Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism.
September 12 - Emmi Rossum, American actress
September 25 - Mykola Nikolayevich Semenov, Soviet chemical physicist, the only Soviet Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (received in 1956 jointly)

Nobel Prize in Physics: Ernst Ruska "for working on an electron microscope" and Gerd Binning and Henry Roger "for the invention of a scanning tunneling microscope".
on chemistry: medicine and medicine Physiology:
on economics: Literature:
Nobel and the Prize of Peace:
State Prize of the USSR named after Taras Shevchenko
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↑ Nenad Pejic What's The Difference Between Putin And Milosevic? About 22 Years


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