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4 Nobel Prize
5 State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR named after Taras Shevchenko
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March 11 - Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeyevich becomes general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU;
June 2 - as a result of strong showers flooded some districts of Kiev.
May 8 - the opening of the Monument to the Heroes of the Eltigensky landing in the city

May 16 - Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On strengthening the fight against drunkenness", which became the beginning of the anti-alcohol company.
July 13 - At competitions in Paris, Sergei Bubka first broke in jumps with a sixth heights of 6 meters.
September 19 - An earthquake in Mexico City, resulting in an underground shock of 8.1 points about ten thousand people died, dozens of buildings were completely destroyed
November 20 - Microsoft Windows 1.0 released
Gary Kasparov became world champion in chess, winning Anatoly Karpov
Founded Chinese company ZTE
See also Category: Born 1985 - January 2 - Ismael Bangoura, Guinean football player, Dynamo player (Kiev)
January 7 - Lewis Hamilton, British racing driver, Formula 1 pilot
January 11 - Katzuki Nakadzima, Japanese racing driver, Formula 1 pilot on January 12 - Artem Milevsky, Ukrainian football player, gr Vinny Dynamo (Kiev)
January 25 - Tina Karol, Ukrainian singer
June 27 - Niko Rosberg, German racing driver, Formula 1 pilot
See also Category: Deaths 1985
January 19 - Fyodor Kuzmich Chebotarev, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kyiv City Council in 1946-47 (* 1904)
January 25 - Antoni Kumelya, Spanish painter-ceramist.
February 5 - Gavrish Ivan Stepanovich, Ukrainian banduratist, teacher , biologist, actor-amateur (* 1901)
February 6 - Natalya Lvovna Zabila, Ukrainian writer, poet. (* 1903)
March 3 - Vsevolod Petrovich Rozhdestvensky, composer, conductor of the Kiev Drama Theater. I. Franko ("Song of Sincere Love", "Sunny Way", "For Two Hares") (* 1918)
March 5 - SF Saenko, Ukrainian Artistic Decorator (* 1899)
March 6 - Mykola Yosypovich Sylvansky, Ukrainian pianist, composer, teacher (* 1916)
March 25 - Marc Chagall, French surrealist artist and graphic artist (* 1887)
July 8 - Simon Smith Kuznets, American economist, Nobel Prize winner, 1971 ( * 1901)
July 10 - Petro Vasilievich Prokhorov, Mordvinian prose writer (* 1923)
September 4 - Vasyl Semenovich Stus, Ukrainian poet, translator, prose writer, literary critic Victan, Human Rights Defender, Hero of Ukraine (* January 6, 1938)
October 10 - Julius Borisovich Brinner, American actress of Russian descent, winner of the Oscar Award in 1956 for the role of the King in the film version of the musical "The King and Me" (* 1920) br> October 14 - Emil Gilels, the prominent Soviet pianist
November 13 - Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin, pilot fighter; the first three times Hero of the Soviet Union. Marshal of aviation (1972) (* 1913)
Anton Antonievich Komar, physicist (* 1904)
Valeryan Lyubomyrovich Brzezinski, Soviet designer, designer of torpedo boats (* 1894)
Nobel Prize
from Physics: Klaus von Klitsing (Germany) - "For the discovery of the quantum Hall effect"
chemistry: Herbert Aaron Hauptmann, Carly Jerome (USA)
Medicine and Physiology: Michael Stewart Brown, Joseph Goldstein (USA)
Economics: Franco Modigliani (USA) Literature: Claude Simon (France)
Nobel Peace Prize: "Doctors of the World for the Prevention of Nuclear War" (International on a public organization)
State Prize of the USSR named after Taras Shevchenko
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