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4 Nobel Prize
5 State Prize of the USSR
6 State Prize of the USSR named after Taras Shevchenko
7 State Prize of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the field of science and technology
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April 12 - On the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine gave its first concert Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine
Published 6th edition of the American textbook on internal diseases Fundamentals of Internal Medicine, ed. T. Garison.
b / d - The Hijacking of AN-24 in Tbilisi
November 13 as a result of an extremely powerful cyclone that moved at speeds up to 160 km / h and caused giant ocean waves and prolonged rains , which led to the flood in the Ganges Delta, killed almost half a million people on the southern coast of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). This is the biggest natural disaster of the 20th century, caused by the cyclone.
Born: See also Category: Born on January 27 - Alexander Godyuk, Ukrainian hockey player.
March 14 - Vitaliy Litvinenko, Ukrainian hockey player.
March 27 - Marya Carey, American singer, actress.
April 6 - Irina Bilyk, Ukrainian singer.
April 19 - Luis Miguel, Mexican singer.
April 29 - Uma Thurman, American actress. br>
April 29 - Andreas Agassi, an American tennis player.
May 22 - Naomi Campbell, top model, actress.
July 23 - Gennady Orb, the Ukrainian football player.

Jennifer Lopez, American singer, actress.
August 6 - M. Knight Shyamalan, director (Sixth Sense, Mysterious Forest).
August 11 - Gianluca Pesotto, Italian football player.
August 13 - Alan Shearer, English football player.
August 20 - Vladimir Svito, Belarusian hockey player.
August 20 - Fred Dervst, American vocalist, member of the Limp Bizkit band.
August 24 - Claudia Schieffer, German top model, actress.
September 8 - Timur Taimazov, Ukrainian weightlifter.
October 27 - Ruslan Taran, Ukrainian athlete.
29 october - Edwin van der Sar, Netherlands football player.
November 7 - Mark Rosse, Swiss tennis player.
December 14 - Anna Maria Jopek, Polish singer, musician and producer.
December 29 - Gregory Misytin, Ukrainian gymnast .
See. also Category: Deaths 1970
Erich Maria Remarque, German writer.
Nobel Prize in Physics: Gannes Alfven "for fundamental work and discoveries in magnetic hydrodynamics and their fruitful application in various fields of physics."
on chemistry:
on medicine and physiology:
on economics:
on the literature:
the prize of peace:
State Prize of the USSR
Buraček Vsevolod Germanovich
The State Prize of the USSR named after Taras Shevchenko
State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR in the field of science and technology - See. also in 1970 in cinema - 1970 in music - 1970 in literature - 1970 in science - Pochinok Viktor Yakovlevich


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