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Events - January 1 - Nizhny Novgorod Automobile Plant was opened. Molotov (later Gorky Automobile Plant).
February 2 - People's Commissar of Supply of the USSR Anastas Mikoyan issued an order to create a permanent supply of bread in the Transcaucasus in the amount of 2 million pounds of wheat and 2 million poods of corn at the expense of Ukraine and the Kuban.
February 3 - Department of National Minorities of the Siberian Regional Executive Committee passed a decision to transfer the Ukrainian language to the grassroots apparatus of Pavlograd, Poltava, Slavgorod, Ordinsky, Klyuchevsky, Karasu, Znamensky and Cherlatsky districts.
February 27, Vinnitsa, Dnipropetrovsk Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv regions.
April 23 - The Central Committee of the CPSU adopted a decree on the restructuring of literary and artistic organizations
Donetsk region was formed on July 17.
August 7 - US death penalty for state property theft was introduced In large numbers (the law "on three spikes")

The beginning of the artificial famine in Ukraine in the autumn
Science - The discovery of neutrons by James Chadwick.
The collective of Kharkiv scientists for the first time in the USSR. made the splitting of the atomic nucleus artificially accelerated particles.
Werner Heisenberg introduces the notion of isospin.

Georges Philippar in the Arabian Sea Fire, May 16 he sank. 40 people were killed.
26 July - German training sailing boat Niobe has flown from a squall near Kiel. 69 people were killed.
Born: 1932
January 5 - Gorbachev Raisa Maximovna, wife of Mikhail Gorbachev.
January 27 - Boris A. Shahlin, Soviet athlete, 7-time Olympic champion from

February 4 - Fucuda Siegeou, Japanese sculptor, graphic artist, one of the most interesting designers of the XX century.
February 6 - Francois Truffaut, French film director.
February 18 - Milos Foreman, American filmmaker.
22 February - Edward Kennedy, American Democrat, eight times elected Sen antor The youngest brother of US President John Kennedy

February 24 - Michelle Legran, French composer.
February 27 - Elizabeth Taylor, American actress.
February 28 - Yuri I. Bohatykov, Ukrainian singer.
March 7 - Volodymyr Dakhno, Ukrainian film director and animator-artist.
March 15 - Alan Bean, American astronaut.
March 18 - John Apdike, American writer, poet.
April 4
Anthony Perkins, actor.
Andrei Arsenovich Tarkovsky, Russian film director.
April 10 - Omar Sharif, an Egyptian actor.
April 11 - Joel Ray, American actor, singer, dancer.
April 27 - Anouk Amé, French actress.
May 6 - Alexander Bilyavsky, Russian film actor.
May 11 - Valentino, fashion designer.
19 May
Bulgarian Actress

June 3 - Dakota Steiton, jazz singer.
June 06 - David Scott, American astronaut.
June 20 - Robert Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky, Russian poet.
June 24 - - David McTaggart, founder of Greenpeace.
July 7 - Joe Zawinul, jazz pianist, composer.
July 17 - Arkady Tan Conclusion Elisevich, Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute († 2002).
August 1 - Luc Montaigne, French Virologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2008.
August 2 - Peter O ' Tula, English actor.
August 20 - Vasyl Aksenov, Russian writer.
August 23 - David Cherkassy, Ukrainian film director-multiplier.
September 22 - Algirdas Brazauskas, head of the Communist Party of Lithuania (1988-91), president Lithuania (1993-98).
September 25 - Anatoliy Solovyanenko, Ukrainian Opera Singing Ak.
September 26 - Volodymyr Nikolayevich Voinovich, Russian writer.
October 7 - Yevgen M. Neiko, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
October 18 - Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuanian politician and public figure.
October 30 - Louis Mull, French film director and producer.
November 10 - Roy Schneider, American actor.
November 29 - Jacques Chirac, French politician, French president (1995-).
December 5 - Little Richard, American rock musician, one of the founders of rock'n'roll.
December 7 - Ellen Burning, American actress.

Oh, Category: Deaths 1932
Nobel Prize in Physics: Werner Carl Heisenberg "for the creation of quantum mechanics, the application of which led to the discovery of allotropic forms of hydrogen."
from chemistry: Irving Langmuir "for discovering and exploring Field of chemistry of surface phenomena. "
on medicine and physiology:
on literature:
Peace Prize:
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