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1710 (MDCCX) is a low year.
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Continued The Spanish-Heritage War and the Great Northern War

The Polish Sejm ratified the Eternal Peace.

The Danish declared war on Sweden and defeated in the Battle of Helsingborg. This was Daniel's latest attempt to capture the territory on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Helsingborg has finally become subordinate to Sweden.
April 10, the Queen Anne Statute - the first official document in history that defines and protects the copyrights of authors and publishers - comes into force. [1]
The war on the Spanish heritage: in the Battle of Saragossa in Spain Philippe V defeated the united Habsburg troops.
Johann Bettger opens the Meissen manufactory, the first porcelain manufacturer in Europe.

The Archbishopric Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in Minsk.
The most original constitution in the world is written in the world. Hetman Ukr yiny Philip Orlyk.
founded Lisichansk
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February 15 - Louis XV, King of France (1715-1774)
September 3 - Abraham Trumble, Swiss Naturalist, Founder of Experimental Biology
Antonio Rinaldi - Italian Architect, Representative of the Late Baroque and rococo

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September 19 - Ole Remer, a Danish astronomer who first measured the speed of light
Semen Paliy - military figure, Colonel Fastiv regiment, one from the leaders of the anti-Polish uprising on the Right Bank. [2]
Michael Andrella - public and church figure, writer-polemic.
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