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Kievan Rus

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Geopolitical situation
Byzantine is headed by Manuel I Comnenus (up to 1180). Conrad III is the king of Germany (to 1152), Louis VII the Younger kings in France (to 1180).
The Apennine peninsula is divided: the north belongs to the Holy Roman Empire, the middle part is the Papal region, most of the south belongs to the Sicilian kingdom. Some cities in the north: Venice, Pisa, Genoa, etc., have the status of republic cities.
South of the Iberian Peninsula in the hands of the Moors. The northern part of the peninsula is occupied by the Christian Castile, Leon (Asturias, Galicia), Navarre and the Aragonese kingdom (Aragon, Barcelona). The King of England is Stefan Blois (Etienne de Blois, up to 1154), a civil war in England continues in 1135-1154. Denmark is divided between Sven III and Knud V (up to 1157).
Izyaslav Mstislavich princes in Kyiv (to 1154), Volodymyrko Volodarevich in Galich, Izyaslav Davidovich in Chernihiv, Yuriy Dovgoruky in Suzdal. The Novgorod republic is actually independent. Poland has a period of fragmentation. At the head of the kingdom of Hungary is the Geza II (to 1162).
In the Middle East, there are states of the Crusaders: the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Antiochian principality, the county of Tripoli. The Seljuks occupied Persia and Asia Minor, the Fatimids kept in power in Egypt, the Almohadis pushed Almoravids in the Maghreb, and Karachanids and Karakitia ruled in Central Asia. Gasmen keep part of India. In China, there is a Khanate state where the Sun dynasty, the Jurchen province, where the Jin Dynasty rule, and the Tangut state of Western Xia rule, coexist. In the south of India, Chola dominates. In Japan, the Hay'an period continues.
Izyaslav Mstislavich with the support of the troops of the Hungarian king Gezi II and, relying on the support of Kiev, drove Yuriy Dovgoruky from Kiev. He invited him to reign with his uncle Vyacheslav. The attempt of Yuri to repulse Kiev ended with his defeat in the battle of Ruta.
Founded by Rzhyshchiv - a city of regional subordination of the Kiev region, and the first mention of this city as Ivan the city in the Epiphany chronicle (Primary Chronicle).
Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus gained victory over Hungarians near Zemun

Hungarian king Gheza II made an ointment for the German king Conrad III.
After the death of his father Geoffroy Henry Plantagenet, the future king of England, became the duke of Anjou.
Bologna, the first of the Italian city communes, introduced the post under

Born in 1151
Igor Svyatoslavich - Novgorod-Seversky Prince (since 1178) and Prince Chernigov (1198), whose campaign on Polovtsev served as a plot basis "The words about Igor's regiment"
Vladimir Yaroslavich - Prince Galitsky. Son of Yaroslav Osmomysl and Princess Olga Yurievna - Yaroslavna (Yefrosynia Yaroslavivna) - wife of Igor Svyatoslavich, Prince of Novgorod-Seversky, later Chernihiv, daughter of the Galician prince Yaroslav Osmomysl - Died
More: Died of 1151
September 7 - Geoffroy V Plantagenet - Earl of Anjou and Mena from 1129, Count de Morten of 1141, Duke of Normandy from 1144, the eldest son of the Count of Anjou and King of Jerusalem Fulka V. From his nickname the name of the dynasty of Plantagenet was gone.


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