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Beginning of the High Middle Ages • The Age of the Vikings • The golden age of Islam • Reconquista • Kievan Rus - Contents
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Geopolitical Situation
Byzantine is headed by Vasily II Bulgarobytsya. Henry II is the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The King of the West Frankish Kingdom is, at least formally, Robert II the God-fearing.
The Apennine Peninsula is divided between numerous states: the north belongs to the Holy Roman Empire, the middle part is the Papal region, to the south of the Roman region lie small independent duchies, the southern part of the peninsula belong to Byzantium . The south of the Iberian Peninsula occupies the Cordoba Caliphate, covered by internecine affairs. The northern part of the peninsula is occupied by the Christian kingdom of Leon (Asturias, Galicia), where Alfonso V, Navarra (Aragon, Castile) and Barcelona are ruled. Kanut Veliky is the king of England and Denmark. In Poland, Boleslav I is the Brave. The first Bulgarian kingdom ceased to exist, seized by Byzantium. In Croatia, the reign of Creshimir III and Goslava continues. The Kingdom of Hungary is headed by Stephen I.
The Abbasid Caliphate is headed by al-Qadir, the Fatimids are kept in Egypt, in Central Asia, Karachanids, and Ghaznavidi in Khorasan. China continues the reign of the Song dynasty. Significant powers of India are Pal, Pratihara, Chola. The Hay'an period lasts in Japan.

The struggle for the throne of Kiev between the sons of Volodymyr the Great continues. The troops of Svyatopolk Volodymyrovych, together with the troops of the Polish king Boleslaw the Brave, defeated Yaroslav Volodymyrovych's regiments in the Battle of Bug. Yaroslav fled to Novgorod. Boleslav the Brave took Kiev

The first Bulgarian kingdom captured by the Byzantine Empire headed by Vasily II Bulgarobytsey

The first Bulgarian kingdom captured by the Byzantine Empire headed by Vasily II Bulgarobitsey.
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Henry II and the Polish king Boleslaw the Brave signed the Buddhist peace after the war lasted from 1012

Byzantine troops in southern Italy defeated Melo from Bari and his Normans allies.
Cannet Great after the death of his brother Harald II has added the title of King of Denmark to his title of King of England.
Mahmoud Ghaznew made his second a trip to India and captured Cannouge, leaving a lot of craftsmen and artists from Khorasan.

The Battle of Chola has made a massive attack on Lanka.
Born: 1018 year
More: Deaths of 1018


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