612 BP-611 BP
-1782 - -1781
631 BH-630 BH
10 is a low year that began on Friday on the Gregorian calendar.
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Guy Young Sylan is elected Consul (with Publ Cornelius Dolabella).
Quintus Young Blaise is appointed Consul-Defect (along with Servi Cornelius Lentul Maluginen).
Roman Emperor Octavian August divided the province of Illirik in the province of Pannonia and Dalmatia.
The Indo-Greek kingdom was defeated in the Indo-Scythian wars and ceased to exist.
Wang Man, the emperor of China, conducted a number of economic reforms: he strengthened the monopoly on the production and trade of alcohol, salt, iron products, coin minting, d ode from mountain and marshy places. The 10-percent tax on hunters, fishermen, silkworms, craftsmen, traders was introduced.
The Greek dynasty in Bactria ceased to exist.
Ovid completes the writing of Tristy (5 books) and «Epistulae ex Ponto» (4 books) describing the mountain of exile.
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