Chaba Balogh

Chaba Balog eel Balogh Csaba; March 10, 1987, Budapest - Hungarian chess player, grandmaster of 2004 - Chess career
From childhood he was one of the leading Hungarian juniors, won many times in national championships, and also competed at world and European championships in The highest success in those draws was won in Budva in 2003, where he won the title of European champion for under-16s. In the same year, he won two gold medals in team competitions: the Olympiad for under-16s in Denizli and the European Championship and under 18 at Balatonlell
Twice in the World Cup, went to round 2 in 2005, defeating Sergiy Karyakin, and in 2007 lost his duel in the 1st round in 2006 to split 2 nd place after Zoltan Almashi, together with Zoltan Dimeshi in the personal standings of the championship of Hungary, as well as became the champion of the country in fast chess and blitz In 2009, he won a bronze medal at the final tournament1
Repeatedly participated in international competitions, successes for years:
1999 - Budapest tournament First Saturday FS12 IM-B, shared 1st place,
2000 - Budapest First Saturday FS11 IM, won 1st place, 2002 - Budapest - twice tournaments First Saturday FS11 GM, shared 1st place with Konstantin Chernyshov and FS05 GM, finished 2nd after Heikki Kallio,
2004 - Basel split 1st place together with Attila Chebe, Trajce Nediev, Siefan Djuric, Mikhail Stoyanovich and Andriy Zontakh, Balatonlell took 2nd place after Adam Horvath, Zalaegerszeg shared 2nd place after Ferenc Berekes, together with Dushko Pavalovic and Zobatom Pavasovic, Vargom, 2007 - Paks 3rd place after Peter Ach and Pentali Harikrishna,
2008 - Heviz 1st place p Azom with Livio-Dieter Nisipian, Arcadia Naidic and Zoltan Almashi | Attention: the list of successes has not been completed since 2009 - He has played for Hungary in team competitions several times, including:
five times at the 2006 Chess Olympiads , 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014; two-time medalist: together with the team - silver 2014 and also in the personal competition - silver 2014 - on the 2nd chessboard2,
at the team championship of the world 2011; medalist: in bronze medal 2011 - on the 4th chessboard3, five times at the team championships of Europe 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013; three-time medalist: together with the team - bronze 2011, as well as in the personal standings - silver 2005 - on the 5th chessboard and bronze 2013 - on the 2nd chessboard4 | then ranked 80th in the FIDE World Ranking, at the same time ranked 5th among Hungarian chess players56
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