The phagosome

The phagosome is a vesicle that forms around small objects during phagocytosis. The phagosome is formed from the cell membrane.
The compartment formed during the capture of an alien object by this phagocyte is called the phagosome, and the organelles that fuse with it are the primary lysosomes. , which merges with the primary lysosome and turns into a phagolysosome in which bacterial cell lysis occurs. Untreated residues are excreted by exocytosis
In the simplest, large particles are trapped in phagocytic vacuoles that coalesce with lysosomes. Digestion products penetrate into the cytosol and are used as food. In multicellular organisms, most cells are unable to effectively absorb large particles. For this purpose, there are phagocytes - special cells that carry out phagocytosis. Phagosomes in phagocytes, as in the simplest ones, merge with the primary lysosomes and form secondary lysosomes in which the trapped material degrades. Untreated substances remain in the secondary lysosomes, forming residual bodies. Accidental or receptor-induced contact of the microbial cell with the phagocyte (macrophage, neutrophil) leads to the formation of outgrowths of the membrane - pseudopods surrounding the foreign cell, and the formation of vesicles - phagosomes. The phagosome is immersed in the cell, where, after fusion with the lysosomes, it forms the phagolysosome [1].
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