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Ukrainian Red Cross (UCH) - a national form of organization with the same tasks as the International Red Cross, emerged on April 15, 1918, at the initiative of the All-Ukrainian Congress of Physicians in Kiev on the basis of the existing local Red Cross societies in Ukraine. Among the organizers and members of the UHF Central Committee were doctors Yevmen Lukasevich and V. Matyushenko (later head of the UHF Foreign Office). The UHF cooperated with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, represented by UHF, E. Bachinsky. UHF representatives were also in Vienna (Andreas Okopenko), Belgrade (Dmitry Doroshenko), Italy and other countries. UHF emigration continued to exist on the instructions of the UNR exile government, but had no right to belong to the International Red Cross.
1 History
1.1 UHF UHF Activities - Health Service
1.2 UHF Activities in the postwar years
2 UHF Activities during the Euromaidan
3 also page 4 Notes on 5 Literature on History by Peter Skobelsky. Doctor, killed in the ranks of the UPA in 1945. On August 30, 1941 in Lviv announced the resumption of its activities Ukrainian Red Cross (UCH), organized under the protection of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky [1] - to help and care for prisoners, patients and needy (headed by O. Kurchab, later T. Vorobets), with offices in Kyiv (F. Bogatyrchuk) and Rivne (X. Kononenko), who cooperated with the Lviv headquarters [1]. In 1942, the Germans liquidated the UHF in Lviv, and its activity was transferred to the territory of the GG by a department of public tutoring at the Ukrainian Central Committee (UCC). 1943 - 49 BC UHF operated underground Health Service under UPA (long-term K. Zaritsk)

UHF Activities UHF - Health Service
First organized at the break of 1942-1943 in Volyn. It consisted of two parts: military and terrain. Set up in the Lemko district in the spring of 1944. Organizers: V. Davydenko, E. Luzhetsky, B. Yanyo, M. Ripetsky, Y. Solgan and others. The UPA UCH had over 100 doctors and paramedics, about 250 medical students, for whom courses were organized in the village. Village, Berezhany district, for nurses - in Kostopil, in the village. Kulchitsy, Sambir, Trukhanov, Skole, the Black Forest, the orderlies - Volosyanka, Slavske. In January 1945, subordinate to the military districts. [2]
UHF activity in the postwar years
After 1945, emigration in Germany and Austria made several attempts to restore UHF. At the congress on October 10, 1945, the governing bodies (chairman of the council B. Andrievsky, chairman of the T. T. Sparrow) of the sole Red Cross organization were elected in Munich, but even then, under Soviet pressure, the American occupying power forbade the use of the name UCH. Then the UHF was transformed into an organization with similar tasks, first as the Sanitary and Charitable Service (CBS) and from 1949 as the Ukrainian Medical and Charitable Service (UMCS) with its headquarters in Munich. To help those in need, mainly political prisoners in the Ukrainian lands occupied by Poland and the USSR, created in America in the 1930s. Red Cross organization under the name Ukrainian Golden Cross. UHF associations continued to operate in the USSR, first as independent humanitarian organizations, later subordinated to the People's Commissariat of Health and included in the nationwide system of UHF societies.
UHF activity during the Euromaidan
The National Resistance Headquarters Medical Service officially reports that the allegations that the Red Cross Society of Ukraine refuses assistance from the Red Cross of Canada to victims of the Maidan are untrue. Since the first day of its deployment (December 1, 2013), the Medical Service has been working closely with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine to date, including repeated meetings with leaders of the International Red Cross, and receiving methodological, staffing and other assistance from the Red Cross. The National Resistance Headquarters Medical Service, together with the Red Cross Mobile Brigades, have always been at the forefront of the barricades and have effectively provided medical assistance to the wounded and the injured. civil servants January 19, 2014
Provision of medical aid to citizens of Ukraine from gunshot wounds committed civil servants January 19, 2014
Provision of medical aid to citizens of Ukraine from gunshot wounds committed by civil servants January 19, 2014
Provision of medical assistance to citizens of Ukraine from gunshot wounds committed by public servants January 19, 2014
Provision of medical assistance to Ukrainian citizens from gunshot wounds committed by public servants on January 19, 2014 - See. also Hippocratic Oath - Medical Hundred - Red Cross - Notes
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