May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the third month in ancient Roman times (before Caesar's reform). Has 31 days.
The name "May" in Ukraine received the last month of spring in the twentieth century. The name comes from the word grass. Prior to this (according to the Byzantine tradition), he was called "May" - on behalf of the Roman goddess of Maya's spring. It was called by the people: the songwriter, the moon-thunderhead, the herbalist.

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Oak can be dressed in leaves in May, and grass cattle are eating.
May rain like borsch fungus

In May, take a stump, it will be red. May - shit and horses for hay, give it away, and run away on the stove.
Maya and woman in paradise, if not dance, then though youth recollects.
Soloveiko is a small bird, but May knows.
May Honey

The May is rich in flowers and lending in October.
May come, br> If May is cold, then you will not be hungry - the year will be x

If the beginning of May is cold, then at the end of the month it will be warm, and vice versa.
May is cold - the early spring was sown.
As the may not rain in May, the gold plow will not blow.
Who In May, it turns out that you will be crying.

In May, it's married, the age has worried.

How to fall in May there are three good rains, then it will give birth to three years of bread.
Dry and warm may - the crop will be crop.
As a dry May, then you can save money for bread.
Frequent fog in May - in the wet summer.
If in the tr

Bonsai World Day 2010 - Second Saturday - Mother's Day (1914; in Ukraine - 2000) - the second Sunday of May
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