Sport (English, derived from the French French disport - "leisure", "entertainment") - organized according to certain rules, the activities of people, which is to compare their physical and intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity and interpersonal relationships that arise in the process of playing.
Sports are competing under certain rules and preparing for these competitions. Often sports are fun for spectators.
Usually sports are a specific kind of physical or intellectual activity that they perform for the purpose of competition, as well as improving health, moral and material satisfaction, the pursuit of improvement and fame, improving skills.
Sports is divided into amateur and professional. Professional sports are an important part of the entertainment industry. Thousands of spectators watching the stadiums and gyms and millions of spectators watching the big sports competitions.
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Sports are divided into individual and team. Mental sports and technical sports are singled out. Mental sports include all kinds of board games. Technical sports use a variety of mechanisms and machines: motorcycles, cars, planes, motor boats, etc.
Olympic Sports
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With the emergence of the Olympic movement, sports that are part of the Olympic program Games have a special status and are primarily funded at the state level. Some sports are recognized by the Olympic Committee, though not part of the Olympic Games.
Olympic sports include track and field athletics, swimming and other water sports, such as water jumping, gymnastics, various martial arts: boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo and the like, fencing, equestrian, shooting and archery, cycling, rowing, sailing and some popular gaming, as well as modern pentathlon - a sport invented by the founder of the Olympic movement Pierre de Cube

Winter Olympics includes various types of skiing, ice skating, sledding, biathlon, as well as some winter sports games.
Non-Olympic sports
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Among sports that are not part of the Olympics, there are many professional types that are very popular in some countries: ballroom dancing, cricket, rugby, college football, golf, altimat, many varieties of sailing, many types of martial arts, technical sports, extreme sports sports. For the most part, these sports have a solid financial base, attract a lot of viewers and the attention of television.
Technical Sports
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Motor racing and car racing are the main technical sports, and other are used technical equipment: motor boats, planes, snowmobiles and more. Ring car races are conducted on specially designed tracks. The most popular of these Formula 1, NASCAR, 24 Hours Le Mans are gathering a huge television audience. Rally - heavy-duty racing. This class of racing includes classic rally and various rally raids.
Martial Arts
There is a wide variety of martial arts, some of them (boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo) have been given the status of an Olympic sport. Among the martial arts are a large number of national types of wrestling and martial arts.
Martial Arts
Martial Arts
Fighting Hopak - Hand-to-hand combat - Folk Martial Arts - Fighting Hopak - Wellness Battle Complexes in Wushu
Other Capoeira
Wrestling - Playing Sports - Playing sports, both individual and team, attract the most media attention and are popular with viewers and fans alike. Individual play sports include racquet games: tennis, table tennis, badminton, ball games: golf, bowling, various types of billiards and more. Often, these types of sports also have doubles or team options.
The biggest audiences are attracted to team sports: football and its varieties (rugby, american football, australian football), cricket, baseball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, altimat and more.
Mental Sports
Mental sports include a considerable number of board games; chess, checkers, go, renji, shogie, shade, sports status are some of the card games and gambling: bridge, poker, backgammon.
In 2008, the first World Mind Games were held - an analog of the Olympic Games. > Other popular board games: domino, mahjong, reverse, lotto / bingo, dice, collectible card games, board role-playing games, monopoly, quiz games, less popular sports status.

for all "(TAFISA), which represents the International Fr. of the Limpopo Committee, has announced the list of the 20 most popular and most popular sports in the world. This TAFISA study was conducted in 200 countries. Athletics took the first place in the rating, which is occupied by 9.6% of the world population. Second place went to football - 8.4% and third place to swimming (8.1%). Intellectual sports such as chess and bridge are not included in the list.
Most popular and most popular sports in the world
Percentage of Everyone Engaged
Athletics (Walking, Running)
2 Football
8,40% - 3
Swimming (including diving) - 8,10% - 4 - Yoga - 7,40%
5 - Cycling - 6,40% - 6 - Basketball - 5,70% - 7 - Volleyball (including beach) - 5,40%
8 - Hockey - 10,5% - 9 - Tennis - 4,90% - 10 - Bodybuilding - 4,70% - 11
Golf - 4,50% - 12 - Sports Dances - 3,8 0%
Martial Arts (free, Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, judo, wushu, karate, jujutsu)
3,40 %
Table Tennis - 3.10% - 16 - Orienteering (Tourism) - 3.00% - 17 - National Sports - 2 , 70% - 18
Climbing - 2,60% - 19 - Roller sports - 2,00% - 20 - Extreme sports - 1,10 %
Organization of Sports
Sports is mostly organized by a system of sports clubs, which provide professional athletes and amateurs services, providing them with sports facilities, halls, equipment and coaches.
In the USSR, sports clubs were a lunch to sports associations, mostly on a union basis. This system has persisted in Ukraine, though new forms of providing sports services and professional sports are emerging for the population.
Sponsorship is important for high-level sports development. Famous Athletes Make Much of Their Profits From Advertising
Student Sports
Athletes are mostly young people, often students, and sports are of great importance in their lives. Universities in many countries establish special scholarships for student-athletes who participate in university competitions in honor of their institution. In the Commonwealth and in the United States, competitions between universities in rugby, rowing, basketball, baseball, college football or hockey are almost inferior to the popularity of professional team games. Traditional competitions between universities are called "varsity".
International competitions are held for students, similar to the Olympic Games.
Professional and semi-professional sports development, its popularity among spectators, high fees have led to the desire among athletes and coaches to succeed at any cost. At the end of the twentieth century, problems arose with the mass use of doping by athletes - medicines that contribute to improving athletic performance, although they may have negative effects and damage to health in the future. The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) has been created to combat doping in Olympic sports. However, in the modern era, the fight against doping has turned into a scientific competition between WADA and chemical laboratories of manufacturers of drugs that have the potential to improve the performance of athletes. Modern high-achieving sports are impossible without pharmacological support, medications that allow athletes to relieve stress after exhausting workouts. The boundary between permitted and prohibited chemicals is often very vague, leading to regular doping scandals, especially in sports that require endurance, such as cycling and swimming, or high muscle strength (weightlifting, sprinting). . also - Wiktionary contains statements on the topic: Sport - Sport in Ukraine - List of International Sports Organizations - Sources
Athletics more popular than football // 15 Minutes, October 16, 2007, No. 15.
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