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Sports are an integral part of Estonian culture Popular sports among Estonians: cross-country skiing, biathlon, athletics, cycling, sailing and academic rowing, various wrestling and martial arts, technical sports, and chess Estonians' success in team sports minor international
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Estonia Sends its Sports Delegation to the Olympic Games since 1920 National and the Estonian Olympic Committee was founded in 1923. Since then, the Estonians have participated in every Olympiad before the annexation of the Soviet Union in 1940. During the Soviet occupation, many Estonians represented the Soviet Union in Tallinn. participates in the Olympic Games as a separate team The first Olympic champion of the new Estonia became cyclist Erica Salumäe in 1992 - Historical stats
More on p Georgian wrestlers and troutmen Georg Lurich, Alexander Aberg, Georg Hackenschmidt got special attention in 20th century In modern Estonia, they have a semi-legendary status Estonians are also proud of their compatriot, one of the strongest chess players in history - Pauluslem The echelon of the Estonian football championship is called the Maestriliga of Estonia The football team does not have high achievements in general, but surprised many by reaching the Euro 2012 playoffs, in which, however, it has conceded to Ireland. and Estonian football player - goalkeeper Mart Poom, who even played in the Premier League

and decathlon, historically also, long distance runner Decathlete Erki Nool was Olympic champion of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Olympic medals were won by Estonian discobolets Alexander Tammert and Gerd Kanter
Brothers-Bley Tinu, Toomas Tiniste's grandchildren bring Estonia Olympic medal in sailing competitions
Estonian tennis player Kaya Kanepi is in the top 20 in the world, promising junior Annette Contact Add to favorites races Estonian skiers Andrus Veerpal and Kristina Schmigun win Olympic champions, Jaak Mae is Olympic medalist
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