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Bohdan Soroka (* September 2, 1940, Lviv - † April 9, 2015, Rzeszow, Poland) - Ukrainian graphic artist, first head of the Industrial Graphics Department of the Lviv Academy of Arts.
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Biography - Born in Brigidka prison in Lviv, where his mother Kateryna Zarytska was imprisoned.
Father Mykhailo Soroka (1911–1971) - participant in Ukrainian OUN member of the resistance movement, has been a prisoner of Soviet camps for over 30 years, organizer of the OUN-North prisoners resistance. and my grandparents were brought to life - Myron Zaritsky (1889–1961), a prominent Ukrainian mathematician, professor at Lviv State University, with his wife Volodymyr, since his parents traveled to Siberia for many years [1].
1964 - graduated from Lviv State Institute Applied and Decorative Arts.
1964-1993 - worked at Lviv Art Factory as a monumental painter. Since 1993 - Associate Professor of the Institute of Industrial Graphic Arts, 1996 - first head of the department of industrial graphics, where he worked until 2005.
First he created the linorites in 1969 as an illustration of d about the collections of Igor Kalinets' poems "Opening a Nativity Scene", which were published in London under the title "Poets from Ukraine" [2]. This prompted the KGB to institute criminal proceedings against the artist, for decades he was banned from exhibiting his works and mentioning his name in the press.
But the artist did not abandon works on graphic cycles: "Ukrainian Mythology" (1970-1972), "Kupala Fun" ( 1974), "Symbols of Gregory Skovoroda" (1975), "Hike of the Dwarves" (1979-1984), "Journey to Uzbekistan" (1981-1982), "Architecture of Lviv" (1990), "Symbols and Emblems", "Wooden" Church of Galicia »(2000). He created graphic illustrations for the works of Lesya Ukrainka, Roman Ivanychuk, Vasily Stefanyk, Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Koshelevtsi. > 2014 - the memoirs of the artist [3] were published, in response to which Victor Neborak described the author as “laconic, transparent in expressions and graphically accurate” [4]. He was married and had two daughters. Grandson Green Anton-Svyatoslav played one of the leading roles in the movie "Guide" [5]. The circle of friends included Ivan Svitlychny, Vyacheslav Chornovil, Igor Kalinets, brothers Gorina Mikhail, Bogdan and Nikolay. He was a classmate of the prominent actor Bogdan Stupka. [6] He died in Rzeszow during surgery.
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Literary Works
Bogdan Soroka. Memoirs. - Lviv: Spolom, 2014 - Links
Lviv Artists Bohdan Soroka and Victor Neborak Prepared an Exhibition "Passions of Christ" // ZIK, 10.04.2008
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