Resistance movement in France

The Resistance Movement in France or the French (Internal) Resistance (French: Résistance intérieure française) is a resistance movement organized against the occupation of France by Nazi Germany during World War II (1940-1944). The French Resistance Movement included:
anti-fascist combat activities of guerrillas (Maquis, fr. Maquis) in France, sabotage against the German military, sabotage,
dissemination of anti-German information and propaganda,
concealment from the occupation authorities of the Movement, soldiers of allied states, others categories of peres Jews and Communists;
activities outside France to establish contacts and strengthen alliances with the anti-Hitler coalition and national authorities in the colonies - General de Gaulle's "Fighting France" largely coordinated underground activities inside the country.
Political movements and unions that were part of the French Resistance were not homogeneous, they united people of all kinds, including and radical views. The main unifying motive for all members of the Resistance Movement - from right-wing and conservative Catholic unions to communists and anarchists - was an independent France, free from the fascist occupiers. , incl. Russian and special units of foreign guerrillas (in particular, a huge role in the movement was played by Spanish guerrillas). The French Resistance Movement was supported by the British Special Operations Executive, which sent agents to France.
Spanish guerrillas (anarchists, communists, left-wing republicans, Basque nationalists) who evacuated the defeated also played a significant role in the movement. Republics and had military experience
1 Spanish guerrillas
2 Jewish fighting organization
3 Some patriotic resistance organizations
4 Famous figures
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Spanish guerrillas
In the department of Larege 14th Spanish and the guerrilla corps played a major role in the expulsion of the Germans. In June 1944, the corps attacked German convoys and liberated several villages, then stormed Foix, the German headquarters in the area. A strong German detachment counterattacked, but was ambushed. Despite their numerical superiority, the Germans were covered with machine gun fire, and 1,200 German soldiers surrendered. The famous clash occurred when the Germans were retreating from Marseilles through the Gard region. A detachment of 32 Spaniards and 4 French attacked a German column on August 22, 1944 in the city of La Madeleine. Spanish Resistance fighters killed General von Schaumberg, the Paris commandant and General von Ritter in Paris, who was responsible for forcing workers to work in German factories. More than four thousand Spaniards took part in the Makist uprising in Paris on August 21, 1944. Soon they were supported by regular army units from the Norman bridgehead
Jewish Combat Organization
In the ranks of the support also fought the French Jews, who created the organization of Fr. Combat Youth Organization. Among them were many emigrants from Russia. Sarah Knut (nee Ariadna Scriabin), the wife of a Jewish poet and member of the resistance, David Knut, fought and died in 1944 in the guerrilla southern zone under the name of Rezhin. Posthumously she was awarded a military cross and a medal of resistance, a monument to Sarri Knut was erected in Toulouse.
Some patriotic resistance organizations
Schors (detachment)

Famous figures
Charles Marley,
Anna Moulin,
Jean-Abbot Pierre
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