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Patogon Borys (November 27, 1918, Kyiv, Ukrainian State) - Ukrainian scientist in the field of welding processes, metallurgy and metal technology, Doctor of Engineering (1952); President of NAS of Ukraine (since 1962), first awarded the title Hero of Ukraine; Director of the Yevhen Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine (since 1953); General Director of the Inter-sectoral Scientific and Technical Complex "The Paton Electric Welding Institute" (since 1986); President of the International Association of Academies of Sciences (since 1993); Member of the Council for Science and Scientific and Technical Policy under the President of Ukraine (March 1996); Chairman of the Committee on the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (December 1996); Member of the State Commission on Reform, Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Other Military Formations, Armaments and Military Equipment (March 2003); First Deputy Chairman of the National Council for Sustainable Development of Ukraine (May 2003). Contents
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Biography - Born on November 27, 1918 in Kyiv, in the family of the famous scientist Eugene Paton (1870–1953), later director and founder of the Institute of Electric Welding, and Natalia Paton (1885–1971), a housewife. In 1941 he graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute with a degree in engineering. ner electrician; defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Analysis of the work of welding heads and their means of nutrition when welding under flux" (1945); Doctoral dissertation - "Research of conditions of steady burning of a welding arc and its regulation" (1952).
In the period of 1941-1942 - the engineer of electrotechnical laboratory, plant "Krasnoe Sormovo", Gorky city. 1942–1945 - junior researcher, 1945 - senior scientist, 1945–1950 - head of department, 1950-1953 - deputy director of scientific work, since 1953 - director of the Institute of electric welding. EO Paton ANU. 1986-1994 - Chairman of the Interagency Scientific Council on Problems of Scientific, Technical and Socio-Economic Forecasting at the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Plan of the USSR (since 1992 - under the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine).
Member of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1963–1991). 1963-1991 - Member of the Presidium of the Committee on Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR in the field of science and technology; 1989-1991 - Chairman of the Committee on International Lenin Peace Prizes. Corresponding Member of the ANU (1951). Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1962; since 1992 - Russian Academy of Sciences), foreign member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1969), Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1973), the Academy of Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1975), the Academy of Sciences and Arts (1980), the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering (1986) ), The National Academy of Sciences of India (1994), the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (1994), the Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1995), the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan (1995), the Academy of Sciences of Georgia (1996), the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan (2001), the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (2004), Academy of Europe (1991), International Academy of Sciences of Education, Industry and Arts (USA, 1997), International Academy of Astronautics (USA, 1997), Member of International Engineering Academy of Sciences (1991), American Welding Society (1978), International Society for Materials Science (1994); Honorary Member, President of the Ukrainian Association of the Roman Club (1990). He worked as the editor-in-chief of the magazines "Automatic welding", "Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing", "Modern electrometallurgy", "Bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine". 1992-1995 - Chairman of the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology. From 1992-1994 and from August 1997 to February 2005 - Member of the National Security Council of Ukraine. April-October 1992 - Member of the College of Scientific and Technical Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Monument to the Natural History Museum in Kiev (1982)
Author of over 1000 publications [2], including 20 monographs; more than 400 inventions.
Scientific researches are devoted to processes of automatic and semi-automatic welding under flux, development of theoretical bases of creation of automatic machines and semi-automatic machines for arc welding and welding power sources; conditions of long burning of the arc and its regulation; the problem of control of welding processes. Studies control systems with various cybernetic devices, works on creation of welding robots. He pays great attention to the study of welding metallurgy, the improvement of existing and the creation of new metallic materials. ). Boris Paton - author of the idea [3] and one of the developers of the method of welding soft tissue. For the development and development of the method, the team of authors was awarded the State Prize in Science and Technology in 2004. [4]
Statements about it
Although it may sound unexpected to you, Ukraine still has the highest priority for European standards of science. This is especially true of the natural and technical disciplines. But this status is preserved not because of the state, but because of the enthusiasm and heroism of our scientists. I think the monument will someday be delivered to Professor Patton - a man conservative, but willful and decent. It was he who did not allow the Academy of Sciences complex to be stolen in the 1990s.
- Maxim Strikha [5]
Community Activities
In August 2011, the so-called" letter of ten "was published - letter from the Ukrainian intelligentsia in support of the policy of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. One of the ten signatories was Boris Paton [6].
Personal Life
Wife - Olga Borisovna (1921–2013), scientist, leading engineer of the Institute of Mechanics of NASU; daughter Eugene (1956–2009) - corresponding member of NASU, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering of NASU.
Boris Paton is fluent in English and German. Hobbies in Sports.
Sources - NAS of Ukraine Web Site - Annotations
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B. E. Patton is 90 years old. Video - About the awarding of B. Paton with the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 1st Century - Video stock - YouTube video about Boris Paton - President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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