49 ° Mon. w. 56 ° N days / 49 ° Mon. w. 56 ° N days / 49; 56 Coordinates: 49 ° Mon. w. 56 ° N days / 49 ° Mon. w. 56 ° N days / 49; 56
Atlantic Ocean
111 390 km²
High Point
814 m
Country Canada
Population (2006)
479,105 - Newfoundland Wikipedia - Newfoundland MFA: [nufənˈlænd] Nuflandland "Newly Found Land"; Terre-Neuve ) - An island off the northeastern coast of North America, part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Area of the island - 111 390 km², coastline length 9 656 km, altitude up to 814 m.
Population - 479 105 people (2006), the largest city - St. John's (99 182).
Newfoundland is an island of continental origin, separated in the anthropogenic period. It is separated from the mainland by the wide (16 km) Bell Isle Strait in the north and the Cabot Strait - in the southwest. Its terrain is as dismembered and mountainous as the North Appalachians. Wavy plains with residual hills and arrays of 200-300 m in height predominate. The highest point of the island is Long Range Mountain (814 m). Granites, crystalline shales, quartzites, as well as tuffs and andesites are involved in the structure of the island. The northeastern and southern shores of its mainly fjord type. In many places, plateau-like areas are rapidly breaking off to the Atlantic coast. The territory of the island has been icy, as evidenced by the moraine, numerous lakes, glacial valleys and more. Newfoundland's climate is oceanic, humid and cold. Almost a year there are strong winds here. Summer is relatively cold. Average July temperatures range from +10 to + 16 °. Winter is frosty, with January temperatures ranging from -4 ° to -10 °. Annual precipitation is 750–1500 mm. On the coast and in coastal parts of the ocean, there are often fogs throughout the year. The Greater Newfoundland Bank area, where the warm waters of Gulf Stream and the cold waters of the Labrador Current meet, is considered to be the richest place in the fog on the globe. Fogs, underwater rocky islands, shallows, icebergs are very difficult to navigate in the area. The rivers of the island are short and sloping. There are a number of large lakes, such as Grand Lake, Red Indian Lake. About half of the island is covered with coniferous forests of balsamic fir, white and black spruce and more. Above 500 m are dominated by moss-lichen and shrub tundra species. Large expanses are occupied by swamps. In the surrounding waters, there is a lot of commercial fish, and therefore the main occupation of the island population is fishing for cod, salmon, herring and more. American and British companies built pulp and paper mills on the island. Mineral resources are being developed: in Tilt Kev, copper is mined, and zinc and lead are produced on Lake Red Indien. The life of Newfoundland is almost entirely connected with the sea, and therefore settlements are located only along its coast.
The island was opened in 1497 by the expedition of John Cabot or Italian Giovanni Caboto. from Bristol
Links - Wikimedia Commons has multimedia information on: Newfoundland - Newfoundland and Labrador Administration

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