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Lahtogritsa is a river in Ukraine (within Transcarpathian region) and in Slovakia. Left tributary of the Bodrog River (Danube basin).
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The length of the river is 188 km (in Ukraine - 156.6 km, in Slovakia - 31.4 km). The area of the pool is 7680 km². The slope of the river varies from 80 m / km (at the top) to 0.2 m / km (at the bottom). In the upper reaches, the valley is V-shaped, 100–700 m wide, sometimes canyon-like (40–60 m wide). The area is poorly developed, many sloping areas. The width of the river is 15-30 m (45 m maximum), up to 2 m deep. In the middle reaches, the valley is mostly box-shaped, with a width of 1-2 km to 4.5 km. The width of the floodplain is 200–300 m, the river beds are 30–50 m (the largest is over 100 m). The lower section of Latorica has a distinctly wide valley. The width of the floodplain at the bottom reaches 4-6 km. The mainland here is winding, there are sleeves, in separate sections channels. The average width of the river is 20-25 m, depth is more than 5 m.

Location Latorica originates on the southwestern slopes of the Watershed Range near Kozakova Polonyna, east of Latirka village. From the sources to the town of Svalyava, Latoritsa flows mainly from north to south, from Svalyava to Mukachevo - to the southwest, from Mukachevo to its mouth - to the west. The river crosses the Volovets Peak, the Polonin Range, the Svalyava Basin and the Volcanic Range, and then reaches the Transcarpathian Lowlands - Islands of Martha-Margarita - Tributaries - Main tributaries: Zhdenka, Pinya, Matekova, Vyznitsa , Stara, Laborec (right)
Vycha, Svaliavka, Koropets (left) - Ecological status
Ecological status of Latorica is unsatisfactory, since the Lviv-Uzhgorod highway and (partially) the railway pass along it from the source to the Mukachevo city. with intense movement. In addition, there are large settlements in the upper and middle reaches of the river banks, including the cities of Svalyava and Mukachevo.
There are large floods in Latorica, sometimes very devastating, such as the tragic flood of 1998.
Latoritsa in Mukachevo. On the right - a flood shaft with a concrete fence
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