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Irina Krush December 24, 1983, Odessa - American Chess Player of Ukraine Origin, Grandmaster 2013 - Seven-time winner of the US Women's Championship in 1998, 20071, 20102, 20123, 20134, 20145, 20156 Krush is widely known in the USA for her series of chess videos «Krushing Attacks »
Her rating for January 2016 is 2458 33rd in the world, 2nd among US chess players

Krush learned to play chess at age 5 At 14, she won the US Women's Championship and became the youngest chess champion in the United States. She holds the title of International Master and o well, of the three rules necessary to win the title of Grandmaster International, Krush gained considerable popularity in the world during the well-publicized 1999 Kasparov vs. World competition, Harry Kasparov played white and everyone else wanted through Microsoft's main site, voting for the blacks and following the recommendations of Krush and three other chess players On the tenth turn, Krush offered a novelty, which was voted on by the public Kasparov said later that he lost control of the game at this time, and was unsure whether he was winning or losing
Krush now plays for the New York Knights in the American Chess League
Participates in the US national team of eight chess Olympiads 1998, 2002–2014 Silver medalist of the 2004 Chess Olympiad7, bronze medalist of the year88 Overall, during the chess Olympiad, 88 played + 45-14 = 29 scored 59½ points, accounting for 67.6% of points scored
↑ Krush Wins Her Second Championship

↑ Saint Louis: Irina Krush US Women's Champion 2010
↑ Nakamura and Krush win US Championship
↑ US Ch: Krush wins, Kamsky-Ramirez playoff
↑ US-Ch 2014: You were expecting someone else
↑ US Champ Final: Who else!
↑ 36th Chess Olympiad women: Calvia 2004 - ↑ 38th Chess Olympiad women: Dresden 2008
Iryna Krush's FIDE Card
Iryna Krush's ChessGames Party - Iryna Krush at 365chess
Iryna Krush's Performance at the Olympics

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