Consensus is a common agreement on controversial issues to which participants in negotiations, congresses, conferences come, characterized by the absence of serious objections on the substantive issues of the majority of stakeholders and reached through a procedure aimed at taking into account the views of all parties and converging views. br> As stated in paragraph 6 of Part 1 of Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On Standardization" of 05.06.2014, which will come into force on 03.01.2015, "Consensus is not necessarily unanimous" [1].
Consensus is the process of finding, finding, developing a solution that would satisfy all participants negotiation to the last, without exception, and just such a decision.
Consensus - the absence of the parties to the agreement, objections to the proposals made during the negotiations. [2]
Consensus (Latin, cosesus - consent, unanimity ) coincided. The principle of consensus is unanimous decision-making by all participants in a meeting, conference, etc. [3]
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↑ About Standardization: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Law of 05.06.2014 ¹ 1315-VII
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