Cupressaceae [1] - a family of coniferous evergreen shrubs and trees that include cypress, juniper, broadleaf, thuja, etc. According to IUCN, a family contains 30 genera and 135 species, and according to the gymnosperm database - 28 genera and 142 species. Cupressaceae occur in Paleontological Chronicles since the Jurassic Period. - Table of Contents
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Leaves opposite or in whorls of 3, scaly or acuminate. Pollen without air sacs, furrows and pores.
Cones woody, rarely (in juniper) berry; Seed scales thyroid, fused with hiding scales, adjacent to each other, later disperse, attached to the legs (in cypresses, etc.) or flat and flattened, tentatively adjacent to and curved adjacent to each other (later to branch off). , microbiota, etc.)

It is the most widespread among all gymnosperms, growing in different habitats, on all continents except Antarctica, but all genera except Juniperus show very limited distribution, with many localized , pa bony and endangered taxa. Most of the generic diversity is found in the southern hemisphere, but the largest genus, juniper, is mainly north-temperate.
Austrocedrus - Austrocedrus
Calocedrus - Calocedrus Chamaecyparis - Cypress
Cryptomeria - Cryptomeria
Cupressus - Cypress
Fitzroya - Fitzroyia
Juniperus - Juniper
Libocedrus - Libocedrus - Metasequoia - Metasequoia - Microbiota - Microbiota - Neocallitropsis - Papuacedrus * [2] (Libocedrus) - Pilgerodendron * [2] (Libocedrus) - Platycladus - Wider - Sequoia - Sequoia
Sequoiadendron - Sequoiadendron
Taxodiu m - Taxodium
Thuja - Thuja
Thujopsis - Tuevik
Genera Incertae sedis:
† Mesocyparis
† Cunninghamites
Practical use
In gardens and parks - many ornamental species of cypress, juniper, thuja, microbiota, etc.
Wood many kinds are used for the production of furniture, joinery and turning, some juniper wood - for the production of pencil shells. Sequoia sempervirens species reach more than 110 m in height. Some Trees of Fitzroya Cupressoides and Sequoiadendron Giganteum Live for More Than 3000 Years.
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International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
Cypress (Cupressaceae) - Encyclopedia of Life
↑ Janata N. Ukrainian folk names of plants. - New York: Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences in the USA, 1973 - p. 49
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