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Games Series - Mortal Kombat - The First Appearance of Mortal Kombat 1992 - The Idea of Ed Boone by John Tobias - Artists by John Tobias
More Info - Race Type - Man - Birthplace - Earth Kingdom - Kano anglo Kano - fictional character from the Mortal Kombat series Debuted as one of the villains in the first Mortal Kombat 1992 Kano game was the leader of the criminal group "Black Dragon" Also with him in the group consisted of - Cabal, Jarek, Tasia, Tremor and Faceless
Height: 178 cm Weight: 90 kg
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Kano initially had a large helmet with two red eyes, but later the concept was dropped in favor of a metal part replaced by a fragment over it. right eye In Kano's biography in Mortal Kombat: Deception, Ed Boone recalls that the bionic Kano eye in Mortal Kombat's first game using digitized actor movements was made from a cut out piece of plastic mask, which was then painted but silver and glued to the face of actor Richard Wonder, and the infrared eye already digitally added. Kano is removed from the 1992 Mortal Kombat versions released on Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System due to memory limitations. In Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance Kano Uses Butterfly Knives, So-called "Ear-to-Ear" This is based on the storyline of the first "Death Battle" movie, where Kano said he used his knife to cut Sony's partner's throat from ear to ear

Half of Kano's face is hidden under a metal plate and replaced one eye - a primitive implant; later, starting with the MK3 series, Kano can emit one of the Fatalites laser beams with his eye, probably after finding Shao Kahn and Kano find a way to replace the decorative element with a complex mechanical implant that performs not only the functions of the visual organ but also the function of the weapon; later, this technique was borrowed by a character named Hsu Hao who used a similar mechanism on his chest instead of the red eye.

Mortal Kombatred
Mortal Kombatred
Kano decided to participate in the tournament due to rumors of innumerable treasures stored in the palace Shang Tsun and whom he wanted to steal At the same time, the Black Dragon-led criminal organization, Kano-led, had long been caught by US intelligence, and Lieutenant Sonia Blade was constantly harassing Kano, with personal motives for this: Kano killed teammate Sonny Wuwhile Kano himself agreed to take part in the tournament, Sonia and her men were captured by aides of Shun Tsun Witch to give her an ultimatum: either she is participating in the Death Battle, or all her people and she will be killed and Sonia, and Kano survived the tournament, but many were destined to die, including the people of Sony. After the final battle between Liu Kang oh and Shan Tsun, Kano teamed up with Sonya and Johnny Cage to fight Gora. Shang Tsun
Mortal Kombat II

Kano and Sonia are in the line is in the outside world where they are found and taken prisoner by Shang Tsun But in the end, Major Jackson Briggs rescues them, which does not prevent Kano from hiding in the outside world to escape arrest
Mortal Kombat 3red
Although many Earth warriors believed that Kano was not alive, he managed to escape, persuading Shao Kahn to accept him into his troops as a weapons instructor, and his extensive knowledge in this area was very relevant Later, Sonya, overtaking Kano, pushed him from a great height deciding what to do with it, however, Centaur Motaro, who knows Kano's seam first helped him, but then kept him. Then Motaro killed Shiva and released Kano, after which they worked out a plan to eliminate Shao Kano. Shao Kahn
Mortal Kombat 4red
Kano was planned for MK4 but was replaced by Jarek at the last moment due to lack of new characters
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliancered
Kano's army was defeated, Earth and Eden were free Tim nevertheless, Shao Kang made no mistake in choosing Kano as a capable military commander Despite the tactical superiority of the Eden troops and the Shokan race, Kano held on as he could and still managed to push the enemy back. He returned to the palace where he found Shang Tsun and Quan Chi for the massacre of Shao Khan, after which Kano immediately declared his unconditional allegiance to Al Mortal. Kano was commissioned to occupy a small settlement where two sorcerers were going to build a temple around the Tomb of Onaga, where Quan Chi was going to open a portal to the sky. During the construction, Lee May attacked Kano, who was rescued by Quan Chi's intervention. Quan Chi particularly concerned about Kano security His act is explained by the fact that the alliance had an agreement with the Mawado of the Red Dragon clan, which was supposed to kill Kensi, in exchange for which he would get the right to fight Kano Mawado killed Kenshi and was promised
Kombat: Armageddon

Apparently, Kano lost the fight because Taven finds him in the Red Dragon's dungeon, Kano tells Taven that the clan also put some other experiments on it, whose purpose was to genetically create dragons, and also a hybrid of dragon and human kano says as if on He was tried with "something new", but he never learned what exactly
Ending in MK: A - Kano defeats Blaze, but because of the obtained forces, the mutation caused by the experiments on him "Red Dragon", amplifies and Kano turns into a hybrid of black dragon and man1
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Although the battle frenzy disappeared immediately with the death of Dark Kahn, Canoes are crazy Changing friends and enemies, he has become a rogue He has made a face painting for everyone to see his anger ever since he endlessly repeats: '' The death of Shang Tsun ... the death of Shang Tsun DEATH OF THE CHUNG TsUN !!! '' - Movies
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Other appearances
Kano - one of the episodic characters of the cartoon "Ralph" 2
Interesting Facts
A completely black model Kano was used as Nub Saibota in MK3
Analog Kano is Xu Hao Their clans are at odds, both have laser However, Xu Hao is simply a spy on the Red Dragon, and Kano is the leader of the Black Dragon
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Kano - The Mortal Kombat Wiki

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