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Castelul Pelişor Castelul Pelişor Castle is a part of the same palace complex as the Peles Castle located in Sinai, Romania. The castle was built in Art Nouveau by order of King Carol I in 1899-1903. > 1 History
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King I ordered the construction of the Pelishor Castle as a summer residence for the family of the heir to the throne - the future King Ferdinand I Ferdinand to King King I, he was the son of his older brother Leopold
The Pelisher Castle was built by Che Art Nouveau architect Karel Liman, furniture and interior design designed by Viennese designer Bernard Ludwig Ferdinand's wife, Princess Maria, had a subtle artistic taste, took an active part in the design of the castle. br> The children of Ferdinand and Mary spent their childhood in the castle of Pelishor:
King - the future king of Romania King II,
Mary - the future queen of Yugoslavia,
Elizabeth - the future queen of Greece,
Prince N

Queen Mary was very fond of this castle, she wished to spend the last minutes of her life in Pelishor's "Golden Room", created according to her sketches
confiscated, including the Pelishor Castle In 2006, the Romanian government announced the return of the palace complex to former King Mihai I Shortly after the King's ownership, negotiations between him and the Government resumed, and Pelesch Castle again became a national property, it is also a museum and open to visitors. Description: Pelisher Castle is small, unlike the spacious Pelesh, it has only 70 rooms, but it was also built as a royal residence, its representative part - a grand hall, a large dining room - striking elegance. Dressing Ceremonial Hall has a height of three floors, large windows and a glass ceiling, decorated with stained-glass windows, which gives the impression of space penetrated by light walls of the hall decorated with oak panels Oil paintings, sketches and watercolors depicting Mary with children
Reflection Castle there are artistic tastes and style of Queen Mary With her participation, unique interiors were created: "Golden Bedroom", "Chapel" and "Golden Room" Here, on the gilded walls, the leaves of a burdock resembling the emblem of Scotland, the birthplace of Mary U are depicted collections of decorative art collected works by Halle, the Daum brothers, Goffman, Tiffany and Gurshner "The Golden Bedroom" is furnished with furniture created by the drawings of the queen in the Sinai workshops in 1909.Queen bodies decorated with symbols of Mary - Celtic cross and lily Cabinet Ferdinand, seasoned in the strict style reminiscent of German Neorenaissance Peles Castle
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