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Emigli Reno (French-Charles-Émile Reynaud; December 8, 1844, Montreux - January 9, 1918, Ivry-sur-Seine) - French inventor, artist and popularizer of science, the forerunner of animation.
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The son of a medalist and watchmaker, Reno has worked with his father in a workshop since childhood. From 1858 he began to master the repair and adjustment of optical instruments, and then began to work simultaneously as an assistant to the Parisian portrait photographer Adam Solomon, retouching photographs. In 1864, he became an assistant to the renowned lecturer and popularizer of the science of Abbot Muagno, traveling with him to France and studying his patron saint of a popular lecture. in 1876, Reno perfected it by combining it with a magic lantern, which allowed him to enjoy the spectacle of more than one viewer, but for many at the same time. Renault decided to replace the cylinder of the device with a soft tape with fixed gelatin plates 4x5 cm in size; these images were displayed on the screen through the center of the mirror. In addition, Renault was the first to use permanent decoration, drawing it separately from the characters and transferring it to the screen using a separate magic lantern. He was also the first to synchronize images and sound, creating music for his films as well.
Le singe musicien
Praxinoscope. popular lectures. At the same time, he designed a praxinoscope - an optical device that allowed to see the sequence of several images as a smooth motion. August 30, 1877 is considered to be the birthday of hand-drawn animation - Renault's invention was patented. Over the next two and a half decades, Reno refined his apparatus so that in 1892 he was able to publicly display such a sequence of on-screen paintings at the Paris Museum of Greven. All his "films" Renault painted, painted and edited himself, drawing images on long tapes, each story consisted of several hundred pictures.
In 1893-1894 he created his masterpiece "Around the Cabin" (French Autour d'une cabine). , but as early as 1895, the birth of cinema broke it: Reno's man-made tapes couldn't compete with faster production and cheaper motion pictures. In desperation the inventor smashed his apparatus and drowned it in the Seine along with the tapes. Only two of them survived - one third of "Poor Pierrot" and "Around the Cabin." Piero - The Clown and His Dogs - 1894 - Rêve au coin du feu - Around the Cabin - Links - Wikimedia Commons has multimedia data on: Emil Renault
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