Dimer is a settlement of the urban type of the Vyshgorod district of the Kyiv region. The population of Dimer is 5 817 people (2001, 6,3 thousand people in 1999).
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Located 32 km from Kiev and 30 km from the Nemishaive railway station.
According to archaeological data, the settlement on the site of Dimer appeared in the X-XIII centuries [Source?]. In this town there were metallurgical enterprises, on me s melted marsh ore and produce weapons. Accordingly, over the town (and Dimmer was a small town), there was always a lot of smoke. From here, the name is Dimer.
City Dimer is mentioned in documents under the year 1582 as the possession of the Polish gentry.
The population of the town participated in the Cossack uprisings led by K. Kosinsky (1591-1593), S. Nalivayka (1594 (1565), Lutsk Colonel Dezik (1665) and others. In 1676-1679, according to the Zhuravnensky Peace Treaty between the Rzeczpospolita and the Ottoman Empire, Dimer became the residence of Hetman of the Right-Bank Ukraine Ostap Gogol. In those days, the city was also the center of the Dymer Starosty (kingdom). In 1703, during the Cossack uprising in the Dymer castle, many Poles competed. Semen Pali took an assault on the castle and smashed the Poles, and destroyed the city. Since then, Dimer, as a significant city, has not revived.
During the Koliyivshchyna, the Dymbers took an active part in the rebel movements under the leadership of Ivan Bondarenko [2].
In the 19th century, Dimer was a town held since 1810 state treasury (state treasury). For some time here was the center of the district.
From the spring of 1917 - as part of the UNR.
Since 1932 - within the Kiev region. Dimer was the administrative center of the district in 1932-1973. Since 1957, Dimer is a city-type settlement.

In addition to agricultural enterprises and small food industry enterprises in Dimer, the garment factory LLC Promin Factory Ltd. (Lenina str., 31) is operating in the city of Dimer [3].
Industry represented by several enterprises for metal processing.
There are three gas stations in the village. There is a bus park that connects with the capital and the surrounding villages. Since 2000, around the Dymer, a bypass road is being built, which significantly reduces pollution and accidents (construction is now suspended). Communal enterprise "Dymerskiy Kommunshop", which serves the population of high-rise buildings as a housing estate. During 2010-2012, the Motorway Company updated the coverage and made sidewalks on Revolution Street, which is the longest in the village and connects the district with the hospital, and in the summer of 2012 completely replaced the coverage on the section of the route Kiev-Ovruch passing through the village. Every week, the market is organized around the settlement rate.
History of memory

On the territory of the village, in the central square, in the park, in the cemetery, in the vicinity are the mass graves. On the wall of the gymnasium there is a memorial plaque to the soldier.
By the 430th anniversary of the first chronicle mention of the territorial community, with the support of businessmen, the rector of the temple Kuzma and Demian of the father Bohdan Tokalsky, on Dimmer Postal Square was constructed and opened on October 19, 2012 "Mound which will immortalize all signs for the edge of the event and the historical stages of the development of the village, will remind the fellow countrymen of the feats.
Social sphere: medicine and education
District hospital operates in the village.
In Dimeria there are 2 general educational institutions [4]:
Ä Immerial secondary school # 1 (Budarina St., 9) [5];
Dymer gymnasium (Lenina str., 21) [6].
Cultural sphere Dimer is represented by the following institutions:
Dymer House of Culture;
Dymer Children's Music School;
2 Libraries.
Center for Creativity "Dyvosvit"

Dymersky DMSH ensemble «Native Chants». At the house of culture, there is the ensemble "The Way"
Rock culture within and outside the village Dimer is probably the most lively local group called "The Swallowtail", which dates back to the late 90's.
Officially there are no architectural monuments in Dimeria. But in the village there are a dozen buildings erected in the XIX and early XX centuries, which could undoubtedly be considered monuments. This is the Dymer Gymnasium (1913), the library (the beginning of the 20th century), several administrative buildings of the beginning of the 20th century, the church located at the beginning of the 20th century. [7].
Personalities Famous Nymphs of Dimer are: historian-archivist I. M. Kamanin;
Hero of the Soviet Union D. Kvasha;
Mezentseva Natalia Ivanivna (May 25, 1966) - Ukrainian Social and Economic Geographer, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Proctor Alexander Ivanovich - Ukrainian Cybernetics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (2003).
Music group "Kovtnary".
In Dimer in 1679 Hetman of the Right Bank of Ukraine died Ostap Gogol.
1949-1950- the Ukrainian bandurist Alexei Dzyubenko worked at the Dymer Music School in those years.
Dimmer's old age
See. also: Category: Dimer's old age

Library in the building of the beginning of the XX century
Dymer House of Culture
Dymer Gymnasium (House of 1913)
New Church, located at the beginning of XX century Century
Monument to the Dymerts - fighters for statehood, faith and people
Post and monument to Dimertsi
The grave of the Brotherhood in the central square of Dimer
The grave of the fallen victims in 1943 during the liberation of Dimer
Memorial to the fallen liberators of Dimer
In the street of the Revolution
Became near the street. Gorky
The Tomb of the Victims of Nazi Terror on the street. Revolutions
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