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Jimmy Dogal Jimmy Wagles [1] (Jimmy Donal Jimbo Wales Wales; born August 7, 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama) is an Internet entrepreneur, a wiki concept ideologist, the founder of Wikipedia. years and education
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Junior years and education
Studied at Auburn University, then State University Alabama. Upon completion, he planned to write a dissertation for a Ph.D. in finance, but these plans were not realized. Later, Wales began trading in securities in Chicago and soon got rich.
In the mid-1990s, Welsh set up a Bomis search engine through which some original materials, including adult Bomis Babes, could be purchased. Now, Wells is no longer on the board of directors of Bomis, but remains its majority shareholder. In March 2000, Welles created a free encyclopedia, Nupedia, and hired Larry Sanger as editor-in-chief. The encyclopedia was composed by scientists on a voluntary basis, the encyclopedia articles were peer-reviewed.
Wikimedia Foundation
Group photo after Jimmy Wales' lecture in Kiev, January 15, 2001 Weiles and Sanger created Wikipedia. From the beginning, the site was intended for preliminary development of materials, which would then be placed in Nupedia. But the rapid growth of Wikipedia soon made it a major project. Basically, Senger was involved in the early stages of Wikipedia development, and Weils provided capital. Since Sanger was formally hired by Welsh, Welsh considers himself the sole founder of Wikipedia, although Sanger continues to call himself a "co-founder". Soon, Larry Sanger abandoned the project and criticized Welles [2], portraying him as a man who hates the elite and everything elitist (decidedly anti-elitist). Sanger's resignation statement can still be viewed on his English Wikipedia page.
In mid-2003, Jimmy Wales created the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The purpose of the fund was to support Wikipedia and its brother projects. Since then, Welsh, who is the president and member of the Foundation's board of directors, has been actively promoting them. In 2004, rumors emerged that Welsh said he spent $ 500,000 on wiki projects. An extensive fundraising campaign to support wikis has been successful. By early 2005, the Wikimedia Foundation was already full of grants and donations. Weils is sometimes called the "generous dictator" of Wikipedia, though he relinquishes the title and rarely gives guidance to the Wikipedia community. Despite the creation of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wells retains absolute authority over the project. In addition to his own staff, he appointed two non-Wikipedia editors to the board of directors (two more editors). Thus, in a five-person council, Jimmy Wales and his partners always retains a dominant majority. He asserts that if two Wikipedia editors vote in favor, he will vote in their favor.
In 2012, Jimmy Wales visited Ukraine as part of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation's Tomorrow.UA program. Jimmy Wales delivered a speech at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv “How the Internet is Changing the Future.” [3] Jimmy Wales in Kyiv on September 11, 2014 at a meeting with wikipedists of Ukraine on August 10, 2014 in London at the closing ceremony Jimmy Wales' Wikimania Conference has declared Igor Kostenko the Wikipedia of the Year [4] [5]. On September 13, 2014, Jimmy Wales delivered this award to Igor Kostenko's family in Kyiv at the YES International Annual Conference. Also, on September 12, a meeting with the Wikipedians of Ukraine took place at the PinchukArtCentre.
Wales with his second wife Christine
Jimmy Welsh was married three times. At the age of twenty, he married Pamela Green. [6] They divorced in 1993. He met his second wife, Christine Roan, while she was a Mitsubishi trader. They married in March 1997 in Monroe County, Florida. He also divorced his second wife, leaving his daughter with this marriage.
Since 2011, she has lived in the United Kingdom with Kate Garvey (formerly Prime Minister Tony Blair's secretary of reference). Wales and Garvey got married on October 6, 2012 in London. They have a joint daughter. [7] Welles is an atheist. He stated that this was his personal philosophy, which was firmly rooted in his mind, and he was a totally unbelieving person. [8]
Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales Speaks at the FOSDEM 2005 Brussels
Jimmy Wales in Paris, France - Jimmy Wales in T-shirt with Decade of Ukrainian Wikipedia logo at Wikimony in London, UK - Published works by Robert Brooks, John Corson and J. Donal Wales, "The Pricing of Index Options When the Underlying Assets All Follow a Lognormal Diffusion »(1994, Journal of Advances in Futures and Options Research).
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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wells: It's not our job to define Putin - huh or not

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