Byrd is a river in Russia, the right tributary of the Ob.
Its origin is on the western slopes of the Salayir ridge in the far northeast of the Altai Territory at the border with the Kemerovo Region at an altitude of 330 m above sea level. The Altai Territory runs only about 30 km and then passes to the Novosibirsk region. Then it flows along the winding channel to the west and northwest. In the upper reaches of the Berd - a typical mountain river. Her character is finally changed to plain after Maslyanino; its currents are slowing, and the valley is widening to 3 km in some places.
Currently, Berd falls into the Novosibirsk reservoir in Ob (113 meters above sea level), which in 1952 flooded its valley for about 40 km from its original mouth. forming the Bay of Berd. Just before the confluence with the Ob, the Berdy Channel is 75 m wide and 1.7 m deep; flow velocity 0.5 m / s.
River length 363 km (before construction of reservoir - 416 km), basin area 8 740 km². The average annual runoff measured in Iskitim is 45.8 m³ / s; the minimum runoff is observed in February (10.9 m³ / s), the maximum - in May (183 m³ / s). Berd freezes in early November and crashes in mid-April.
On the river are located the village of Maslyanino, the cities of Iskitim and Berdsk (all in the Novosibirsk region). The Novosibirsk-Barnaul Railway Crosses the Berdsk River and the M52 Federal Highway Novosibirsk-Mongolian Frontier (Chui tract).
Water use and ecology | - Maslyaninsky and Iskitim; as a result, they are heavily contaminated. In particular, the concentration of phenols in the waters of the Gulf of Berda in 1994 exceeded the limit value by 16 times, oil products - five times. The main sources of pollution are the products of coastal erosion due to hydropower, overgrazing and damage to coastal vegetation, as well as agricultural and industrial pollution. [1]
Berd is limited to alloyed

Maslyaninskaya HPP
12 km to the east of the village of Maslyanino near Perebor village in the past there was a small hydroelectric power plant. The decision to build it was taken on July 7, 1934, but actually began only in 1947 and lasted four years. The hydroelectric plant was put into operation in 1951 and became the first hydroelectric power station in Siberia; its power was 600 kW. The dam of the power plant created an 8 million m³ reservoir on Bird. The hydroelectric power plant provided electricity to the Maslyaninsky district before it was connected to a single grid, after which it was decommissioned and dismantled. [2] The power plant boom still exists; water flows directly through it, creating a waterfall about 5 m high. A bridge crosses the top of the dam. [3]
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