Belcher Islands

The Belcher Islands (Inuktitut Sanikiluaq, ᓴᓂᑭᓗᐊᖅ, Sanikiluak) is an archipelago in the south of the Hudson Bay and is administratively owned by the Kikiktaaluk region, Nunavut. Archipelago Area 3,000 km 2, population of approximately 800 people at the 2011 census. Belcher Islands (marked in red) - Table of Contents
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General Description
The Archipelago includes approximately 1,500 islands, of which there are 4 groups: [1]
North Belcher Islands - includes Johnson, Laddy, Slinit and about 700 smaller islands;
Islands Bakers Dozen - located in the northeast of the archipelago, of which 50 islands and individual rocks;
East Belcher Islands - a group of 15 islands;
Flaherty Islands - a group of 300 islands in the southwest of the archipelago. archipelago islands: Flaherty Island, Kugong Island, Tukarak Island and the Internet lling (Innetalling Island). The main settlement is Sanikiluaq (Inuktitut, ᓴᓂᑭᓗᐊᖅ) on the northern shores of Flaherty Island. Robert Flaherty explored the archipelago in 1914-1916. Completion was completed by August 1916. Flaherty himself directed the unreleased Nanuk documentary released in 1922. Climate
Belcher Islands Located high in the subarctic climate zone. Annual average normal temperature: -5.5 ° C, summer normal temperature: 5.5 ° C; in the winter: -18.5 ° C. Annual precipitation: 500 mm. Vegetation - Minimal.
The Belcher archipelago is found throughout the year: whitefish, walrus, tundra caribou, common eagle, and white owl; in the waters: Arctic pallium, Atlantic cod, Capelin, Pinagoras, and Scorpaeniformes.
Belcherz Islands
Geologically, the islands are in the Proterozoic fold area, composed of sedimentary, magmatic rocks and carbonates. [2]. < There are significant deposits of iron ore.
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