Bahr Dar

Coordinates 11 ° 35′06 ″ Mon W 37 ° 23′24 ″ W / 1158500 ° Mon W 3739000 ° W / 1158500; 3739000 Coordinates: 11 ° 35′06 ″ Mon W 37 ° 23′24 ″ W / 1158500 ° Mon W 3739000 ° W / 1158500; 3739000
Country EthiopiaEthiopia Region Amhara Region Region Bahr Dar Zone | Bahr Dar Area 28 km²
Center Height 1840 ì - Population - 390,429 2015 - Population density 14000 persons / km² - All times are UTC + 3
Bahr Dar
Bahr Dar amh ባሕር-ዳር, "Sea Coast" - a city in northwestern Ethiopia Located on the shores of Lake Tana, at the mouth of the river Abbay Blue Nile Population -390,429 people 2015
Table of Contents
1 Climate
2 Economy
3 Attractions
4 Transportation - 5 Culture - 6 Notes - Climatred - Bahr Dar Lake Tana Coast Leaks of the Blue Nile in Ri winter season
Dry season: February-April Chance of rain and clouds at the beginning and end of the season Rainfall only at night Daytime temperature +25 + 30C Night +15 + 19C Local "dry autumn"
Rain season: Consists of two sub-seasons 1st: May-early June Showers, sometimes showers, at night Irregular Daytime Daytime temperature +23 + 27C Nighttime +14 + 16 Winter starts
2nd: June-August Daily heavy rain with clear spells in daytime Daytime temperature +20 + 25C Nighttime +10 + 14C In the case of cloud breaks, during the day the temperature may rise from Triple to + 30C, at night - down to +6 + 8C Local "cold rainy winter"
"Spring-summer": September-January Most "pleasant" for Europeans season Partly cloudy, light but regular precipitation Daytime temperature +21 + 26C Night +13 + 16C - Economyred
There are food and textile industries in the city. Also developed handicraft production Tourism center The shore of Lake Tana is transformed into a resting place within the city limits. Surveys, cafes are being built. The edge and water a few-kilometer-long pedestrian walkway leading from the city center to the very outlet of the Blue Nile
Bahr-Dari Church
Bahr-Dar Important Tourism Center - Local and Foreign
On the left bank, outside the city, on the hill is the former imperial palace
In the Nile Curve, below the Pedagogical Institute and the Imperial Palace, you can meet hippos Crocodiles near the city are almost never found
Tourists come here to admire the waterfall Tis Issat and the village of the Blue Nile River
Tis Issat Waterfall is located near the town, 30 km from Lake Tana, the height from which water falls - 45 m. Due to the construction of hydroelectric power plant on the Blue Nile River, the waterfall has lost its former strength. and beauty There are 37 islands on Lake Tana, 20 of which are Christian monasteries - Tis Issat Waterfall - Transport interconnection
Bahr Dar connected by asphalt road to Addis Ababa and Gander Passenger transportation services buses and coaches minibuses Cha on the way from Addis Ababa by taxi from 8 to 11 hours. Inland services - taxis and motorbikes. There are many bicycles. There is also an airport where Ethiopian Airlines planes fly | CultureTravel There are several markets in the city, as well as Monthly Fairs There are several clubs and restaurants with local specialties
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