Kingdom of Bahrain

Mamlakat al-Bahrayn
Flag and Coat of Arms
«Our Bahrain»
Our Bahrain
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26 ° 13 'Mon. sh 50 ° 35 's. d. / 26.217 ° Mon sh 50.583 ° C d. / 26,217; 50.583
The largest city and capital
The official languages
The state system
The constitutional monarchy
The king
Hamad ibn Isa al-Khalifa
- The prime minister -minister
Khalifa ibn Sultan al-Khalifa
- Crown Prince
Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa
from the United Kingdom

750 km² (184th in the world)
- Water (%)
- 2005 estimate
1,234,5961 (158-me)
- Census ğ .
- Density
987 / km² (10th)

14.08 billion (117th)
- Per capita
$ 20,500 (35th)
IRLP (2004)
▲ 0.859 (high) (39th)
Dinar (BHD)
Time zone
(UTC + 3)
Internet domain .bh
Telephone code +973
Bahrain, officially The Kingdom of Bahrain (Arab Mumblat Al-Bahrain - Mamljakat al-Bahrain) is a state that unites a group of islands in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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Territory of the country 688 km². The capital of Manama is located on the largest island (also called Bahrain). The state is located on 35 islands, which consist mainly of sand-limestone and have poor and non-fertile soils, flat and with a hot climate. The highway connects Bahrain with Saudi Arabia.
History The word "Bahrain" is torn out of context, it can be translated as "two seas". The full name of "mamljakatu-la-Bahrein" ("mälkat al-bahrin") means "the kingdom of the two seas". Ancient Sumerians once believed it to be a paradisiacal island, which only wise and courageous for enjoying eternal life.
Since 1783, the country ruled the Al-Khalifa dynasty, belonging to the Bany-Utba clan, which expelled Persians from its territory. Since 1861, when the treaty was signed with Britain, Bahrain was in fact a British protectorate until its independence in 1971. Bahrain became an independent state in 1971. In 1971, Bahrain became an independent state. The national assembly was elected and dissolved, and in 1975 the emir received absolute power.
The supreme ruler of the country is the king, and members of the ruling family belonging to Sunni Muslims occupy all important political and military positions. There is a longstanding tension in the relationship between Sunnis and Shi'a Muslims, which make up the majority. From time to time, social rashes flare up.
In 2001, the overwhelming majority of Bahrain's residents supported the proposals of the emirate, now the king, to turn the country into a constitutional monarchy with an electoral parliament and an independent judiciary. As a result, in 2002, the country's first, almost three decades, elections were really over. As a result, the Council of Deputies (Parliament) was formed, with more than a quarter of its 40 seats received Shiites. Moreover, freedom of speech is increasingly respected in Bahrain, while independent observers note a general improvement in the human rights situation. However, opposition groups and activists continue to demand political reform, in particular to provide more power to electoral assemblies.
Bahrain was one of the first states in the Gulf to open oil deposits and built a plant for its processing, and thus, before its neighbors, the country took advantage of the found oil wealth. However, Bahrain could not reach production levels comparable to prey in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and was forced to diversify its economy.
Bahrain is an archipelago consisting of about 30 islands. Due to the relatively moderate climate, the island state has become an important center of regional tourism.
Bahrain is a close ally of America, and it is based here on the Fifth US Navy.
Since the beginning of 2011, mass demonstrations have taken place in the country. In order to take control of the situation, the Bahraini government has requested military aid in Saudi Arabia and the OAU.
Political system
Head of state and government:Sheikh Isa bin Sulman al Califa since 1961.
Political system:absolutism, then constitutional monarchy (from 2001).
Export:oil (Abu-Saha deposit), natural gas, aluminum, fish.
Population 700 thousand people (2005). 2/3 of the population are indigenous people. Languages:Arabic (state), Farsi, English, Urdu.

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Fort Bahrain, Manama
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