Swamp, Ledum - a genus (according to other sources - a subspecies of the genus Rhododendron) of the Ericaceae family.
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Small evergreen shrubs. The branches and leaves below are covered with reddish foliage; white flowers collected in umbilical cords.

There are 8 species common in Europe, North Asia and North America. One species grows in Ukraine: marsh bog (L. palustre).
Grows in dense forests, swamps; has a sharp odor; poisonous.
Used in folk medicine as an antirheumatic agent and in everyday life as a means of protecting against insects.
Ledum decumbens = Rhododendron subarcticum Harmaja
Ledum glandulosum = Rhododendron neoglandulosum Harmaja
Ledum groenlandicum = Rhododendron groenlandicum (Oeder) Kron & amp; Judd
Ledum hypoleucum = Rhododendron hypoleucum (Kom.) Harmaja
Ledum macrophyllum = Rhododendron tolmachevii Harmaja
Ledum palustre = Rhododendron tomentosum Harmaja
Ledum palustre var. diversipilosum = Rhododendron diversipilosum (Nakai) Harmaja - Ledum subulatum = Rhododendron subulatum (Nakai) Harmaja - Sources - Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia: in 12 volumes / ed. M. Bozhana. - 2nd kind. - K.: URE Editorial Board, 1974–1985. This is an unfinished article on flowering plants.
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