Hydroxyamines or aminoalcohols are chemical compounds containing hydroxyl (-OH) and amino (-NH2, -NHR, and -NR2) functional groups on the carbohydrate skeleton. The concept of amino alcohol encompasses a wide group of substances.
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Amino alcohol
The chemical structure of ethanolamine, a simple amino alcohol
The common amino alcohols - Ethanolamine - Heptanolamine - Isoetarin - Norefedrine - Propanolamine - Sphingosine - Methanolamine (the simplest amino alcohol)
Simple amino alcohols are used as solvents, chemical precursors and high-boiling bases: Propanolamine - Ethanolamine - Dimethylethanolamine - N-Methylethanolamine - Beta-block op
A certain subclass of beta-blockers is often called amino-alcohol beta-blockers. Typical Representatives: Propranolol - Pindolol - Alkaloids - Veratridine and Veratrin - Atropine - Other - Coexistence of hydroxy and amino groups in one molecule is very common in drugs and biochemicals, for example:
Most proteins and peptides
Amino acids serine and hydroxyproline
Hormones and neurotransmitters epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (norepinephrine)
Glossary of terms in chemistry // J.Opeida, O.Shvaika. Institute of Physico-Organic Chemistry and Carbon Chemistry. LM Litvinenko of NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk National University - Donetsk: Weber, 2008. - 758 p. - ISBN 978-966-335-206-0 - Links - AMINOSPIRES Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia - This is an unfinished article on an organic compound.
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