Alyoshina-Alexandrova Tamara Grigorovna

Alyoshyna-Alexandrova Tamara Born on June 19, 1928 - pom on December 24, 1996 - Soviet, Moldovan opera singer mezzo-soprano People's Artist of the USSR 1976 - Contents
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Life History
Tamara Grigorovna Alyoshina-Alexandrova was born on June 19, 1928 in Kharkiv Studied at the Kharkiv Conservatory of Singing at EP Petrova, graduated in 1958. From this year - a soloist of the Moldovan the Pushkin Opera and Ballet Theater in Chisinau, which just opened in the National Moldova's Opera and Ballet Theater
Theater Soloists were All Young But among them was the talent of Tamara Alyoshina - a singer and dramatic actress who created a tragic image of a proud, strong, but unhappy love for a Russian woman. thirty opera parts were taken, for both lead and episodic roles, performing mezzo-soprano parts, whether Western or Russian classics1 The singer herself said:
Each role enriches the performing range, if approached strictly, carefully and lovingly1

Among the top roles of this time - the role of Azucena in "Troubadour" by Giuseppe Verdi The newspaper "Evening Leningrad" in July 1974 wrote:
The singer accurately outlined the sonic contrasts of the role Depending on the stage situation, the expression, dynamics, singing style of Azuchen changed - the most important, principled success of the theater in the play "Troubadour"

An extraordinary image was created in "Pyotr Tchaikovsky", where she played the role of an aristocrat, but at the same time, a lonely abandoned woman, a loving mother One of the most significant achievements of the singer is occupied by the Mother Courage party in the opera "The Marquette" by the modern Belarusian composer S Cortes, created by Brecht's play "Mother Courage", where the singer is completely obsessed with the image of the main character:

Like mine heroine, as a child I went with my purse on the roads of war, getting a living for the family. Therefore, the life I live in that opera is close to me. The children of war have a bitter and lingering memory1

himself in a comedic role, including performing Dunia's parts in the opera of the same name and S Prokofiev and setting the tone for the whole performance The singer took part in public life, was a member of the Presidium of the Theater Society Colleagues think of her as principled, demanding to herself and colleagues on stage Aleshina-Alexandrov Tamara Grigoryevna assessed the life of an opera singer as follows:
The work of an opera singer is "sweet hard labor", and the opera itself is art wise and well-deserved, inspiring and mysterious1

Since 1969, she has worked as a teacher of singing at the Chisinau State Musical Arts Institute.old vocal school in many theaters of the USSR In 1978 headed the department of the institute, since 1981 - associate professor of the same institute received the title of People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR in 1967, and in 1976 - People's Artist of the USSR Aleshina-Alexandrov Tamara Grigorinna »And medals Deceased on December 24, 1996 at the age of 68 in Chisinau1 - Awards and Ranks - People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR 1967 - People's Artist of the USSR 1976 - Medal of Honor, medals
Major Parties
Lyubash «The Tsar's Bride» MA Roman o - Korsakov - Countess "The Queen of Spades" P Tchaikovsky
Konchakovna "Prince Igor" O P Borodin - Amneris and Azucena "Aida" and "Troubadour" Giuseppe Verdi
Carmen "Carmen" Georges Bizet
Commissar "Optimistic Tragedy" O Holminov
Roxande and Catalin Grozovan and Aurelia DG Gersfeld
Olga "Heart of Domnicky", revised edition - Heroic Ballad Stirchi, 1st performance - 1960
Ksenia "In the Storm" TN Khrennikov2
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Альошина-Александрова Тамара Григорівна

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