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Şeddadiler (Arabic: شداديون Shaddādīyūn), Kurdish dynasty ruled in Armenia and Arran between 951 and 1174. It was found between the Kura and Aras rivers.
It was first established in Divin and sometimes married to the Bagratuni dynasty of Armenia. Apart from Dvin, he also dominated cities such as Berde and Gence. The Şeddadiler army has organized campaigns against the Pakraduni Dynasty and the Khazars since 1020. Initially, he was able to achieve success, but when he returned from a successful campaign in 1030, he faced Georgian and Armenian forces and suffered a heavy defeat. He fought against the Byzantine army between 1047 and 1057. In the following years, the influence of Şeddadiler in the region has become smaller. From 1067, the Şeddadiler dynasty came under the control of the Seljuks and continued as a Seljuk dependent dynasty until 1174. [3] [4] The cities of Ani and Tbilisi were given as a gift because of their service to the Seljuks. [5]
The people of the region, where the Shaddad was dominated, were mostly Christian (Armenian and Georgian). The Shaddads were protecting the northern boundaries of Islam in this region.

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