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Ottoman poet, painter and biographer. (d.?-ö.1595, İstanbul) Famous for his biography of his childhood friend Mimar Sinan.
Life and works
Sai Mustafa Çelebi was educated in the Ottoman palace. He is the poet and the author of many buildings. He wrote the books Tezkiret-ül Bünyan and Tezkiret-ül Ebniye (Book of Structures) in Sinan's own account. [1] [2] His works include a history book called Ravzat-üs Seladin and a poetry divan. [3]
Structures Book
Tezkiret-ül Bünyan, Tezkiret-ül Ebniye and Tuhfet-ül Mimarin [Published by Sai Mustafa Çelebi] 4] Manuscripts were published by Aptullah Kuran in 1987. [5] [6]
The knowledge that the architect Sinan is of the re-origin is based on the works of Sai Mustafa Çelebi:
the reign of the reign of the garden, the first time the Kayseri banner was begun to be reused. I was chosen to be a diver by my own will, depending on the rules applied to solid characters among the novice boys. I watched the center and the periphery under my master's hand, with my foot fixed like a compass. Eventually, I felt the desire to wander the land again to increase my experience by drawing a bow like a compass. One time in the service of the sultan I traveled around the Arab and Persian countries. I increased my knowledge and experience by grabbing something from the top of each palace dome and every ruin corner. Returning to Istanbul, I worked in the service of the notables of the time and went to the door as janissary. (Tezkiret-ül Bünyan and Tezkiret-ül Ebniye)
Sai Mustafa Çelebi listed more than 340 structures by Mimar Sinan, and the number of works in three separate manuscripts is 477. [7] [5]
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Sai Mustafa Çelebi

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