Viasat sport

Sweden - Broadcasting area - Europe
Broadcast language
Russian, original (no commenter)
Image format
16: 9 HDTV (from October 2013)
Channel theme
Broadcasting start date
Certificate of registration of mass media
FS77-33912 of October 30, 2008
Modern Times Group
Vasily Solovyov - Editor-in-chief
Related channels - Viasat Motor, Viasat Hockey, Viasat Sport HD, Viasat Golf
Network partners
ESPN America (until July 31, 2013)
“The best world sport at your home »
Viasat Sport - a sports channel, part of the paid line TV channels that are produced and distributed, including in Russia, by the international television company Viasat Broadcasting Group, owned by the Swedish media company Modern Times Group (MTG).
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The first channel with the name Viasat Sport was launched in May 1999 throughout the whole of Scandinavia. Since January 2002, the channel began to be divided into its own versions for individual countries in the region. Later, the channels were reprogrammed and divided into sports. Today there are Viasat Fotboll channels (in Sweden and Norway), Viasat Motor (in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic countries), Viasat Hockey (in Sweden, Finland, Norway), Viasat Golf (in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and the CIS countries since October 2013 [1]).
Viasat Sport (East) was launched in Russia in November 2006. From the moment the channel was founded until July 31, 2013, most of the airtime was relayed by the NASN channel programs (later ESPN America) [2]. Since August 1, 2013, the channel has been broadcasting sporting events previously shown on ESPN America, under an agreement with ESPN.
In 2008, it was recognized as one of the fastest growing sports television channels [3].
Until the 2010-2011 season, the channel showed matches of the NHL championship. Due to a change in the structure of selling rights to the NHL in Europe in October 2011, NHL broadcasts ceased.
From December 2012, Viasat Sport began broadcasting the NBA Championship [4].
In October 2013, the channel will switch to television high definition [1].
The channel has its own page in a live magazine. Viasat Sport's editor-in-chief is Vasily Solovyov.
Channel content
The channel highlights matches of the American Hockey League (AHL). Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) matches, National Athletic College Association (NCAA) championship matches (including the famous March Madness), Lacrosse and American Football, boxing shows and champion title fights are also broadcast. world, as well as broadcasting popular American racing series (in particular, IndyCar and NHRA), as well as all kinds of extreme sports (including winter).
Channel commentators Dmitry Donskoy - commentator on basketball, baseball and am American football - Sergey Fedotov - commentator on hockey, basketball and baseball
Viktor Shestopalov - commentator on basketball, baseball and American football | Sergey Lozovsky - commentator on boxing
Igor Znamensky - commentator on basketball, baseball, American football, extreme sports as well as lacrosse
Denis Zakharov - commentator on baseball, basketball, American football, lacrosse and extreme sports
Alexey Peshnin - commentator on hockey, baseball, soccer, athletics and basketball
Vladimir Iv anov - boxing commentator
Roman Dabolins - boxing commentator
Sergey Bednaruk - motorsport commentator
↑ 1 2 Viasat launches two HD sports channels in Russia
↑ On sporting achievements - The Cable Guy (inaccessible link - history). Retrieved August 18, 2010. Archived from the original on January 9, 2010.
↑ NBA reaches agreement with Viasat Broadcasting
MTG website information in English
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Viasat Sport

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