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London After Midnight (LAM) is an American rock band founded by musician and songwriter Sean Brennan in 1990. The project exists to this day.
The name of the group is due to the silent film of 1927 "London after midnight." As a logo, Sean Brennan initially used the name of the group depicted in a typical death rock band style, where the letter t was made in the form of a Celtic cross, but later, with a gradual change in musical direction, abandoned this emblem [1].
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Brennan advocates for the protection of human and animal rights (being a vegan), environmentalism, lack of media control by the government and big business, progressive, left-wing and liberal politics. In order to be heard, Sean uses the official website and forum of the group, where he often appears, as well as the texts of “London After Midnight”. Albums such as Selected Scenes from the End of the World, Oddities, and Psycho Magnet mostly used hints and ambiguous remarks, but later the text became more open. In the latest album, “Violent Acts of Beauty”, the bias is directed towards politics and protest: the actions of the US government, as well as current youth and society as a whole, are condemned [2]. After the release of the new album, Sean Brennan created a video sequence that is played during concerts.
London After Midnight was formed throughout 1989 in Los Angeles. The debut of the group took place in the gothic rock club "Helter Skelter". In the early years, there were many different musicians at LAM who appeared only in live performances. Of these, only keyboard player Tamlin spent a long time with the band.
In fact, none of these people took part in the creation of music. The only exception was Tamlin, who recorded at the request of Brennan the instrumental song “Ice”, which was included in the 1998 album “Oddities”. In addition, Tamlin created another track called “Perversion,” which was later recorded on the Ruins demo cassette in 1993.
After the group got acclaim in certain circles by releasing a demo album, it was released the first full-length album, entitled "Selected Scenes from the End of the World" (1992). In the same year, the group, replaced by the old bass player, Rob Podzunas, came a new one - Michael Areklett. Like Tamlin, Michael Areklett began to constantly appear at concerts. Around the same period, drummer Douglas Avery came to replace Ian Haas. Eddie Hawkins was part of the main cast and was replaced in 1990.
The musical genre
Many position the group as representatives of the second wave of Gothic rock, some critics wrote that LAM revived the dark scene of the early 90's. The group has fans around the world, many of whom are Goths.
Despite this, in an interview, Sean Brennan said:
All [musical] countercultures were ruined; especially the Goths and punks, they disappeared and no longer exist. Young people [today] care more about their MySpace pages, their image ... and their vanity.
Brennan also points out that most of the groups calling themselves Gothic are just copies of other groups and have no originality . He argues that LAM, unlike such groups, has personality, and does not fit into the framework of any styles.
Wave Gotik Treffen 2008
There were many members in the group who appeared at concerts, but there was never a permanent line-up. Sean Brennan writes all the music on his own, composes songs, and writes them.
The main composition
Sean Brennan - vocals, guitar, bass, cello, violin, programming, drums, keys (1990-present)
Concert line - Current line-up - Pete Pace - drums (2008-present)
Randy Matthias - bass (2005-present)
Matthew Zetzer - guitar (2008-present)
Former members
Trouble Valley (appeared at a band concert during WGT 2008)
Tamlin - keys, samples (1990- ...)
Eddie Hawkins - guitar (1990.. went away for a while, then returned and played at concerts since 2003 2005)
Dave Herman - bassist who worked a bit with Sean but never was part of LAM (1989) (never appeared at concerts and never wrote for the band)
Armondo - vocalist who worked a bit together with Sean, but was never part of LAM (1989) (never appeared at concerts, and never wrote for a band)
John Coviac - bass / guitar (1990-1992)
Ian Haas - drums (1990 —1992)
Douglas Avery - drums (1992-1998)
Rob Podzunas - bass (1992-1992)
Michael Arequlett - bass (1992-2004)
Jeremy Mesa - guitar (1992) (appeared only 2 times)
Stei Bass Guitar (1993) (1 concert)
William Sky - Guitar (1994-1998)
Janus - Drums (1999)
Discography - Albums - 1992: Selected Scenes from the End of the World 1995: Psycho Magnet 1998: Oddities 2007: Violent Acts of Beauty - EP 1995: Kiss Demos 1990: London After Midnight 1993 : Ruins
↑ Sean Palfrey. Hieroglyphics: The greatest logos in goth rock / industrial. Dominion Music Magazine (May 17, 2012). Retrieved October 3, 2012. Archived from the original on October 16, 2012.
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London After Midnight

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