Interlink airlines

Base Airports - O R Tambo International Airport
O R Tambo International Airport
Fleet size 4 | Destinations 6, Headquarters -Apartment - Johannesburg, South Africa
Murad Ismail CEO
Interlink Airlines is a former South African airline headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa operating in the regular and charter passenger market transportation throughout the African continent, as well as the medical aviation providing the transportation of VIPs and ambulance crews Disbanded in January 20101

The airline’s home port and its main transit hub was the Oh R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg - Table of Contents - 1 History - 2 Route network - 3 Fleet
4 Notes
5 Links - Historyrefix - Interlink Airlines was founded in 1997 and began operating at the end of the same year. The carrier's route network extended to the airports of South Africa, Burundi, Bujumbura and Saudi Arabia Jeddah. The company was actively engaged in charter transportation for tourist orders agencies to enterprises, and also worked in the field of air ambulance under contracts with government agencies
Route network edit
In October 2009, the Interlink Airlines regular passenger route network included the following destinations2:
Cape Town
Durban - Johannesburg - Kruger National Park - Pretoria Wonderbum Airport - International - Bujumbura - Jeddah - Flotravpravit - As of August 16, 2009 Interlink airline fleet Airlines composed the following aircraft 3:
4 Boeing 737-200 leased by Safair Airlines
In August 2009, the average age of a carrier’s aircraft was 24.9 years 4
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↑ Interling Airlines route network
↑ Interlink Airlines fleet
↑ Company vessel statistics
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Interlink Airlines

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