Hamatora yap ハ マ ト àòîğà Hamator - mixed Japanese media project
The project itself starts with a manga written by Yukino Kitajima and illustrated by Yuki Kodama Manga began publishing in Young Jump magazine, Shueishia Publishing House in November 2013. The premiere of the adaptation of the manga as an anime took place 7 January 2014 on the Japanese channel TV Tokyo Another adaptation of the manga, only in the form of a game on the Nintendo 3DS platform, developed by FuRyu, announced for the summer of 2014
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The plot
Manga and anime events occur in 2014 In some people who are called “carriers of the minimum” yap ミ ニ マ ム ホ ル ダ the minimum of the chord, anomalous supernatural abilities were discovered The name of the ability “minimum” comes from the words minor small and miracle miracle Such people study at the Facultus academy yap フ ァ ク ル タ ー 学園 学園 factu: where they are given the opportunity to develop their potential - The protagonist of the anime and manga Nice, who graduated with honors from the first year of the academy and founded the detective agency “Hamator” together with his assistant, Hajime Graduated with honors from the second year of the academy, Murasaki, receives a task from his superiors to return Nice to the academy when Murasaki realized that he could not defeat Nice in battle, he decides to watch him and use any methods to complete his task
The plot of the anime follows Murasaki, who voluntarily joined the Hamator detective agency, Nyce, and several other carriers of the minimum members of the Hamator agency, which is based in the city of Yokohama, a fictional cafe with the strange name Nowhere. In the cafe, agency members welcome everyone who is ready to come to them with an assignment for agency detectives. However, when a police officer came to them for help in the investigation Art, citing a series of strange serial killings throughout the city, Nyce and Murasaki reluctantly decided to devote themselves to this matter when they learned that the victims are only carriers of the minimum - Characters - Hamator - Nice yap ナ イ ス Nice - the main character anime and manga. Nickname - “Handsome”. He founded the Hamator detective agency, and is the strongest graduate of the Facultus Academy. He has amazing deduction. Impulsive young man, together with Murasaki forming the “Minimum Holder PI duo”. He constantly has no money, partly due to the fact that he doesn’t follow the price of the work, which is taken from time to time. Nice can completely ignore what is happening around. For example, during a bank robbery, he tried to withdraw money from his account. Despite this, he is a genius in the analysis of information received by him. the people he needs to activate his minimum - the ability to move at the speed of sound - Seiyu: Ryota Osaka
Murasaki ム ラ サ キ - Nice’s friend and partner Unlike him, he has a restrained character and puts work remuneration in the first place, and it’s not the nature of the task When you take off your glasses, it activates your minimum - the ability to strengthen any part of your body - Seiyu: Wataru Hatano
Hajime yap は çàáû çàáû - an oblivious girl who likes to eat Moreover, almost always at the expense of Nyce Fights well and likes boxing Has a nihilistic at least m. - Seiyu: Emiri Kato - Bezdey yap バ ー ス デ イ Ba: judge - carefree guy, handyman Nickname - “Baby” Minimum electricity holder and partner Ratio Carries a stun gun with him all the time - Seiyu: Jun Fukuyama, Akeno Watanabe in childhood
Ratio yap レ シ オ Rasio - a doctor helping Bezday in his affairs His ability is that Doc sees through the body and aura of a person, thereby can indicate the focus of the disease and even “predict” that the person will die soon His hands also become iron - Seiyu: Yuichi Nakamura, Sanae Kobayashi as a child
Koneko yap コ ネ コ - girl acting as secretary and mediator Hamatora She receives tasks and then clarifies their essence to agency members
Seiyu: Kiyono Yasuno
Other characters
Art yap ア ー ト A: then - Yokohama Police Department Inspector Art has a calm and balanced character with good behavior and a strong sense of justice. He is an old friend of Nice and Murasaki. Despite the fact that he is not a minimum bearer, Art graduated from Fakultas Academy, where he helped his late younger brother. e on the arrest of Moral, Art is faced with a contradiction in the production of the minimum and the differences between him and Nice Art was invited by Moral to negotiate on his territory, Moral invited him to join him, in return for which Moral “gives” a minimum to him, because of which they will become with Nice, on an equal footing, Art refuses this offer, which is why Moral supposedly kills him in the cemetery In fact, Art has a minimum of recovery, which is why he constantly resurrects when struck in the heart
Seiyu: Hiroshi Kamiya
Moral yap モ ラ ル Moraru - former professor r academy Fakultas The main villain of the series believes that people who are not carriers of the minimum are weak and should receive "strength", which means the unborn minimum. To achieve their goal, they kill the carriers of the innate minimum and remove their brain, since it contains the "essence" , as he himself calls the part of the brain responsible for the existence of a minimum. His goal is equality in the world and for this he creates an army of non-degenerate minimums - provocateurs dressed in dark clothes with a hood decorated with a black cosmea flower. At the end a series from one owner of a congenital minimum, he can get 24 non-congenital minima
He owns a minimum of transformation and can transform into any person, at the end of the series he gets to equalize his abilities with Nice, “zero minimum” - the ability to teleport up to 10 meters
Seiyu: Yuki Ono
Hani yap ハ ニ ー Hani: has a minimum that allows you to predict the future within 10 minutes using your tablet He works closely with the police and Art Has a bodyguard and partner Three
Seiyu: Eri Kitamura
Three yap ス リ ー Suri: - a former military mercenary Possesses a minimum of “bestial nature” He is a bodyguard to Hani, very devoted to her During the military past he became famous for the brutal method of killing his opponents Later he repented and left military service He also created a shelter for orphans, children of their victims, whom he cares a lot In childhood, taught Art to the martial arts, when it became clear that he would not be able to activate his minimum
Seiyu: Katsuki Murase
Master yap マ ス タ ー Masuta: - owner of the cafe “Nowhere”, rents a table in his institution for Hamator agency He communicates quite closely with Hamator employees. Usually he is taciturn, but he shows worldly wisdom at the right time. Seiyu: Atsushi Ono. Basket Yap ガ ス ケ Gasuke - police officer, partner Arta Actively studying everything related to Minimum holders
Seiyu: Yosuke Akimoto
Mao yap マ オ - informant from Yokohama, main habitat - Chinatown Often renders services to Naysu
Seiyu: Takuya Eguchi
Seo yap セ オ - despite his appearance, he has low self-esteem and often thought about suicide. He and P hey very close friends, ready to protect her at all costs Later joins Hamator detective agency
Seiyu: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ray yap レ イ - Seo's classmate and girlfriend
Seiyu: Ayaka Ohashi
Tiyu yap マ オ- the well-known and popular avant-garde artist Bezdeya and Ratiro's friend, their classmate in the past Like them, the owner of the Minimum Her ability is the minimum of invisibility Tiyu has synesthesia - she expresses her emotions and thoughts through color
Seiyu: Oahu Litori
Momoka ï ス ケ ケ - Moral’s assistant
Seiyu: Ritsu Fukiyana
Media Edition Niya
Manga titled Hamatora: The Comic, written by Yukino Kitajima and illustrated by Yuki Kodama, was published in Shueisha's weekly Young Jump magazine from November 21, 2013 to December 11, 2014. [1] The first volume was released February 19, 2014 [2], and the third and last February 19, 2015 [3] The series is a prequel to the anime and talks about Nice solving various problems with Hajime, while Murasaki is trying to return him to the Facultas Academy
List volumes
No. Publication date
February 19, 2014 [2]
ISBN 978-4-08-879665-9
18 and July 2014 [4]
ISBN 978-4-08-879870-7
February 19, 2015 [3]
ISBN 978-4-08-890119-0
Series List
Hamatora: The Animation
Series No.
Title [5]
Broadcast in Japan [6] [7]
1File 01: Columbus' Corombusu no Tamago Egg File -01 「コ ロ ン ブ ス の 卵」 January 8, 2014 [a]
2File 02: Beloved bastard “Itosiki Kusoyaro:” File - 02 「愛 し き ク ソ ヤ ロ ウ」 January 15, 2014
3File 03: With and without her “ Motsu mono, Mota Dzaru mono »File - 03「 持 つ 者 、 持 た ざ る 者 」January 22, 2014
4File 04: The wandering totem“ Samayo: That: temu Po: ru ”File - 04「 彷徨 う ト ー テ ム ポ ー ル 」29 January 2014
5File 05: Sweat, muscle, and I, "Ace to Kin iku to Atashi ”File - 05「 汗 と 筋肉 と ア タ シ 」February 5, 2014
6File 06: Torment of the prophet“ Egen-sha no Kuno: ”File - 06「 予 言者 の 苦 悩 」February 12, 2014
7File 07: The black kosmei “Kura Kosumosu” File - 07 「黒 い コ ス モ ス」 February 19, 2014
8File 08: The bitter melon soaked in blood “Guo: I wa Ti Ti Nurete” File - 08 「ゴ ー ヤ は 血 に 濡 れ れÔåâğàëÿ February 26, 2014
9File 09: Little beauty and the beast “Bisho: jojo Yaju:” File - 09 「美 少女 と 野 獣」 March 5, 2014
10File 10: March of the weak “Jakusya no Ko: shin "File - 10「 弱者 の 行進 」March 12, 2014
11File 11: Flight of the winner" Sh¸: Xia no Haiso: "File - 11「 勝者 の 敗走 」19 art of 2014
12File 12: Ego's “Kakugo Ego” resolve File - 12 「覚 悟 (エ ゴ)」 March 26, 2014
Re: Hamatora
Series No.
Title [8]
Broadcast in Japan [9] [10]
1 Reply 01: Longing for a heroRe: 01 Melancholy of Hero July 8, 2014 [b]
2 Reply 02: Return of ArtRe: 02 Art Returns July 15, 2014
3 Reply 03: Madness FlowerRe: 03 Madness Flower July 22, 2014
4 Reply 04: For those who have talent Re: 04 For Whom Talent July 29, 2014
5 Reply 05: Friend's wishesRe: 05 Buddy's Wishes August 5, 2014
6Answer 06: ComingRe: 06 Advent August 12, 2014
7Answer 07: 24 hours in the intensive care unitRe: 07 Emergency Room 24hours August 19, 2014
8 t 08: Worst promise and best remembranceRe: 08 Worst Promise & Best Memory August 26, 2014
9Answer 09: Symphony in the moonlightRe: 09 Symphony in the Moonlight September 2, 2014
10Answer 10: For those who struggle Re : 10 For whom to duel September 9, 2014
11 Reply 11: End of YokohamaRe: 11 End of Yokohama September 16, 2014
12Last reply 12: Ego denoueFinal: 12 Re: September 23, 2014
Opening songs:
“Flat” was performed by Yuki Ozaki with the Livetune group
“Sen no Tsubasa” yap 千 の 翼 Takuro Sugawara from the 9mm Parabellum Bullet group
Closing compositions:
“Hikari” yap 光performed by Wataru Hatano
«Brand N ew World ”performed by Ayami
Thematic composition:
“ Nowhere Living Now ”performed by Kisho Taniyama
↑ The series premiered on TV Tokyo at 25:40 on January 7, 2014, which is actually 1: 40 January 8
↑ The series premiered on TV Tokyo at 26:05 on July 7, 2014, which is actually 2:05 on July 8
↑ Blood Lad's Kodama, 428's Kitajima Make Hamatora Anime, Manga, Game Anime News Network
↑ 1 2 ハ マ ト ラ THE COMIC 1 yap Shueisha
↑ 1 2 ハ マ ト ラ THE COMIC 3 yap Shueisha
↑ ハ マ ト ラ THE COMIC 2 yap Shueisha
↑ STORY The Animation yap tv-tokyocojp
↑ テ レ ビ 東京 ・ あ に て れ ハ マ ト ラ - On Air yap tv-tokyocojp
↑ ハ マ ト ラ THE ANIMATION yap Media Arts Database
↑ STORY Re yap tv-tokyocojp ↑ テ レ ビ 東京 ・ あ に て れ Re: ␣ ハ マ ト ラ yap tv-tokyocojp
↑ Re: HAMATORA リ プ ラ イ ハ マ ト ラ yap Media Arts Database
Official site
Anime «Hamatora: The Animation» on TV Tokyo
Anime “Re: Hamatora” on TV Tokyo
The official game site
Manga “Hamatora” English in the encyclopedia of Anime News Network
Anime “Hamatora” English in the encyclopedia of Anime News Network
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