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Grundy NewBrain is a microcomputer manufactured in the early 1980s by Grundy Business Systems Ltd Teddington and Cambridge, England
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History edit code
The NewBrain project began in 1978 at Sinclair Radionics, Mike Wakefield was the designer, and Basil Smith was responsible for the software. The product was supposed to compete with Apple and generally matched Clive Sinclair's low-cost consumer electronics course. But when did it is clear that it will be impossible to sell NewBrain for less than 100 pounds, Sinclair thought turned to the ZX80, which should have been developed already in his own company Science of Cambridge Ltd After the closure of Sinclair Radionics, the project was transferred to Newbury Laboratories announces the imminent release of three NewBrain models, including a battery-powered laptop computer
BBC microreference | edit code
Main article: BBC Micro
In the early 80s, the BBC launched a project that became known as the BBC Computer Literacy Project. This project began in many ways in response to the documentary The Mighty Micro, in which Dr. Christopher Evans Christopher Evans predicted a micro-computer revolution to begin The film had a significant impact - so strong that a question was raised in Parliament As a result, the UK Department of Industry became interested in the program, and BBC Enterprises saw this as an opportunity to sell a computer, accompanied by with a series of programs
The ministry insisted that a machine developed in the UK be chosen, and the BBC opted for NewBrain The specifications that the BBC prepared for the competition were very close to the NewBrain specifications, it was assumed that Newbury would submit its computer to the competition and win But it so happened that Newbury delayed the development, and it became clear that they would not be able to start production in the near future, and this opened the door for other companies. The upcoming BBC series of releases was delayed from the fall of 1981 to the spring of 1982. Clive Sinclair Research Sinclair Research and Chris Kerry Acorn learned about the changes in plans, the BBC was forced to let them submit their proposals
As a result, the BBC chose Acorn Proton, which became widely known as BBC Micro
As a result of this decision, British Technology Group, which at that time owned Newbury, sold the final design and production to Grundy. Grundy was looking for an opportunity to enter the personal computer market and was already producing a machine running CP / M
Released models edit code
As a result, Grundy released only two models. Model “A” was connected to a TV or monitor. Model “AD” also had a 16-digit display on vacuum fluorescent indicators, and worked both with an external TV / monitor and without it Model “A” was offered at a price of 199 pounds, model “AD” - 229 pounds 1982
In total, more than 50,000 copies of NewBrain were produced. Computers were used in education, science, manufacturing, small business and the banking sector; Of course, many also used NewBrain, and as a home computer, NewBrain turned out to be good scientific computers, because of the high accuracy of floating-point numbers, as well as high-resolution graphics, there were a lot of business applications, due to the availability of software for the CP / M operating system
Technical specifications edit code
NewBrain on the side of the connectors
NewBrain specifications: 12
Processor: Zilog Z80A at a clock frequency of 4 MHz
Co-processor: National Semiconductor COP4203
Memory: ROM - 24 KB, RAM - 32 KB expandable to 2 MB
Keyboard: 62 keys
Graphic modes: only black and white - 256 × 256, 320 × 256, 512 × 256, 640 × 256 × 2
Text modes: 32 × 25, 32 × 30, 40 × 25, 40 × 30, 64 × 25, 64 × 30, 80 × 25 × 2, 80 × 30 × 2
2 connectors for connecting a tape recorder, 1200 bit / s
Expansion connector
2 RS-232 connectors, up to 19,000 bps
Composite video output
TV antenna output
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Grundy NewBrain

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